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  1. @ArchaicLotus Let me extend my apologies to you personally as well. When discussing things, I tend to be a little fanatical in defending my points. Instead of enthusiastically debating, I tend to come to presume things and that comes off as rude and insulting. That wasn't cool of me and I apologize. @brokenwoody4 Funny that you mention that method, it's what I did for this last reset. Got my weapon to C7 right out of the gate, then leveled up my relics all to C7, rest of the gear is C3 - C4 and just using what drops to get gear leveled back up to C7 minimum access. It's saved me a some time and gold so far, and I'll probably do it this way for every reset hereafter. @playertt While I could see doing what you are saying, it doesn't allow me to play the way I want. I solo a lot unless I'm doing a carry session, and have even gone through an entire reset solo. I want to be able to, using only my defenses and only one upgrade each, get through a carry session with the increased mob difficulty and shine while I'm doing it. I suppose I could save some gold and materials by only leveling up relics except to get gear score to C7 content. But I don't like the idea of not using and leveling up gear I've worked this long and this hard to perfect
  2. @ArchaicLotus For someone who decided to immediately bash my OP, you didn't seem to read any of my posts very thoroughly. This is evidenced by not only your misinterpretation of the OP, but my interpretation of your last response as well. My impression of your last response was that it so far off base that it's outside the park. Highlighting differences is not insulting unless you take it that way. What is the point of being a "seasoned defender" if you're not actually reading what you're commenting on? My advice is either actually read what you seem to be merely scanning, or maybe read it and then reread it objectively rather than immediately taking the post wrong and jumping on the defensive. That post about quitting one's job, etc. was a joke made about the grind...not you or anyone else who is doing or has done the grind. And if you actually read that, you'd know. @Exglint First, I'm sorry but I disagree with your perspectives in the last 2 paragraphs of your last post. A player that plays 10 hours per day, day after day, does not equate to someone who only gets to put in 10 hours per week. Moreover, a player putting 10 hours in per day might or might not quit before a new player that can only devote 10 hours a week, simply because the major difference between them is the amount of time they can devote to making actual progress which is exactly what any type of grind game is about...making progress. Second, saying lower end mats are worthless is far from true in the Ascension reset game because gear resets in the process. Gilded shards and pets don't and that's it, gilded shards are worth the price you pay for them a thousand times over, and pets not resetting really helps once you've done your reset because of you build them properly, with defense health and defense power, they add a significant boost to your newly reset relics. So, if a player wants to play the Ascension reset game they absolutely need lower end mats...and now is where the cost comes in both in the form of time and game resources et al. Please keep in mind that the following values are only for a single reset to get back to C7 content...and I'm in the middle of my 6th reset, or roughly 6.5 times the following values. Let's say you are at C7 and do 1000 C7 maps prior to reset to make the post-reset grind easier (which is give or take 200-300 HOURS of play to do those 1000 maps), then you reset and level up your relics and gear again, right? So you've got all the secondary reagents you need, plus some, and have 5000 motes to convert and raise gear, right? To convert 100 of those C7 into C1-C3 mats is 1.25 million gold or 500 DM per stack of 100 and to level up just 1 relic each on 4 different heroes and only leveling up one hero's gear the grand total is 360 plain motes and roughly 5.5 million gold between conversion and the cost of 95 item upgrades, in addition to any shards you don't have gilded, which can range from 50k for more common shards to 2 million per hyper shard...and this is just to max out gear to C3, then C4-C6 is another 4 million gold, and another million or 2 for C7 max out completely ignoring the possibility of going to C8 because it's pointless if you're in the reset game. And oh by the way, buying a stack of any tier of motes is between 3 to 6 million per stack of 99. And these numbers do not include using DM to buy heroes and tinker gear and relics, etc. I'm intimately aware of the expense involved in playing the Ascension reset aspect of the game but the time sink of even casual play with the desire to see even one facet of endgame play, such as C8 gear and relics. It's one of the reasons I do group carries as I level up again. While the XP bonus and increased legendary loot aspects are okay, those two aspects of a carry aren't "worth" the carry or what makes that carry valuable. My reward for doing carries is knowing that I'm helping other players by giving them a relatively decent chance of a win without having to replay waves, saving them some of the time I've spent and helping them not have to spend as much time as I have. Yeah, I get it, 3-5 carries only saves about an hour to an hour and a half of play, but that's one hour or so that I saved them. For me, the expense thus far has been worth it thus far, but I still see tweaks that could make it just a little easier. Going back to the first point I made, the 10 hours per day player stays and keeps grinding for more and more resets to climb to the pinnacle of play, while the 10 hours per week player never has a chance to see that, literally ZERO chance...they can buy gold, they can buy shard packs, they can buy heroes, they can convert dust to shards, they can use gold to buy gear with intermediate mods on them, but they will still never see top end play because they cannot generate enough DM's to equal the hundreds of real world money they've chosen to spend on the game.
  3. @Exglint Yeah, 10 hours of active play guarantees a 10 and a guaranteed 10 after like 240 something re-rolls. If you just grind for those two no grown up gamer with any kind of work or life is going to be able to devote 10 straight hours a week, much less 10 hours a day to a single 10 chip or servo (which half the time seem to have a really high chance of dropping as one you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want or need. And 120 map (at say 10-15 minutes a map) wins for a single 10? FFS, you shouldn't have to quit your job, get divorced, become a bum, neglect your children, and live in your parent's basement just to have fun playing a game...js. LOL And to reply to your statement earlier about min-maxing, I'm completely the research and data analyst in both personality and career...data suggests there is a better way. Hahahahaha
  4. @ArchaicLotus Educated (slightly) guesses, not necessarily made up, per se. Easier and not being a time black hole are two very difficult things. Speaking of amazing gamers, the idea of relegating a highly skilled and potentially amazing gamer to nothing status because of a time commitment is a tragedy. They could offer much to a community like ours, but instead they'll never see the light of day. Chromatic has already said DD2 will not "die". I won't be playing DDA for several reasons. Interestingly enough, the most significant reason is the look of the hero avatars. I like a little bit of cartoon in my avatars, but from everything I've seen it's gone beyond what I enjoy in DDA. DD2 has the right mix of cartoon and, um badassery (can't think of a better word) for me. I've only been playing DD2 a year or so, and I haven't hit the "need a change of scenery" feeling yet, which is good. I want to introduce a phrase Juicebags uses a lot, and that is "quality of life". Those are what I'm suggesting, most specifically for players like me that intend to play DD2 and only DD2 until the servers shut down. I might take short breaks and play League, but I won't accept dying or dead until it actually is.
  5. @ArchaicLotus What you are talking about and what I am talking about are two very different things, it seems. I'm talking about a slight increase and only a chance at that, and your interpretation seems to be that even a 10% increase is unacceptable. OP was designed to create a dialog, to see if there is a way to help all the players at once without making it too easy, and instead you're turning it into a pissing match that is caused by probably years of time spent on a game that I'm suggesting is worth looking into a rework of certain aspects. To me that seems like you're being a little butthurt because I'm even suggesting that the grind could be reworked. If all you do is play this game, I could understand the reason behind said butthurt, this is what you do in your life with your time. But just because you do that and accept the status quo, does not mean that other people with less free time shouldn't be able to enjoy a higher level of play simply because they have other commitments or obligations in life. This isn't unique to you, this is a problem in the gaming community as a whole, the elitist "Nothing changes, us higher level players MUST be catered to in order for a game to succeed...", when just the opposite is the case in needing a larger player base to succeed. Look, I'm sorry that the game used to be even more grindy than it is now. And I'm sorry you feel like changes would devalue your time and effort spent, but unless you want DD2 to go away completely and be replaced by DDA, at some point things have to change and it has got to be made easier for Please understand my exact position BEFORE jumping to the "ME HIGH LEVEL, YOU JUST BUTTHURT, NO BREAKS!!!!" copy/paste response you've pre-drafted. I'm not butthurt over the game as it is, I just think that it could get a little less grindy which helps everyone...if you're 25 resets in, that small change could double that in half the time (or less) than its taken you to get to 25. So yeah, new players would definitely benefit, but so would you because you've done the grind, are used to it, and know how it's done the right way. I'm 6 resets in already, working on a 7th and have higher Ascension and Ancient Power than MOST of the people I group with. Very rarely will I encounter someone who's higher in both. Beyond that, the vast majority of my chips and servos on the two heroes I have decided to gear are 9's and 10's with a few exceptions that are still in progress. Sufficed to say, I could easily solo group level encounters and still get my under 50% DU xp bonus. In fact, I do group carries at every Chaos level I'm currently in and I inspect people often so I can learn how to win. I'm a researcher and data analyst both work and my personality in general. I have fun researching and learning, but I'm also about efficiency and effectiveness and that's where the grind from jump does not pay off for anyone. Granted, my gear and the customization of it is primarily because I've gotten really lucky on drops, grabbing gear on the cheap, and re-rolling, but the game is supposed to be about skill, not just blind luck. I haven't seen many people with a 10 Tenacity on even one relic in their arsenal and I have 3. I know there are many players higher than I am, but we don't end up grouping almost ever. Again, I am on Xbox One, so I'm not sure if its different by platform. And saying DDA is possibly the answer...why would anyone give up their progress for a remake of the same game? That's like trading out a seasoned WoW account for a new WoW account...what kinda derp is that? IF, and only IF, there was seamless transition from DD2 to DDA, getting to keep at least some of the heroes and progress achieved in DD2 to DDA would I consider that.
  6. I see some of what all of you are saying; however there are more than a few things I disagree with, but let's stick with just 3, okay? 1. Using the argument of "I had to suffer, I had to grind, so you should have to suffer as much as I did and you should have to grind as much as I did." is a very and completely invalid argument. And here is why...first, just because the game state and your commitment to it were in the state they were, does not mean sensible and well planned change isn't a good thing or isn't necessary. In previous iterations of the game, costs were still high but the cap was lower. The cap has now increased. Game veterans automatically benefit from this because they are already at the higher tier; however, new players end up discouraged. The fewer new players the game attracts, the closer and closer the game gets to the grave. And this post coming up over and over means that the player base, at least part of it, feels there is imbalance that can be addressed. 2. Chromatic's revenue is player-based. Catering only to higher end players does not expand their business in any way. Case in point, World of Warcraft. Used to be ULTRA grindy, to the point of making the most grindy state of DD2 look like sipping one's favorite, straw umbrella topped drink on a beach somewhere working on your tan. I know, I played it, I did the grind, and I did it for 10+ years. I ran a 30 minute instance 132 times to get one specific item because of RNG...I know grind. Think it was easy to run AV's almost endlessly to get High Warlord status?...think again. Then WoW changed it's model to be a very little less grindy and a lot more friendly to newer players in the Burning Crusade expansion, which most WoW players consider the bar-none best expansion ever put out for the game. Their player base jumped up, as did their revenue. Those changes were not a mistake. The changes made in following expansions were a fraught with mistakes and their player base suffered because the game became too easy. It went from a group taking time to get together, needing specific class and group composition, and forcing the group to work together for success; into insta groups of any composition with success almost guaranteed; and rewards that were given out like candy on Halloween. My point is that for a game to last, like Everquest, like WoW, the game must change to ride the fine line between too hard for new players and too easy for veteran players. It's all about balance, and the current state is not balance. 3. Think of costs, both in the current game economy as well as the time investment to even reach a decent floor in Onslaught or even just to get to C7. Each piece of gear requires 100 motes, let's be conservative and say 500,000 gold, and a few other materials in the form of upgrade reagents and amps. Now take that number and multiply it by 5 for character gear to C7, then let's say you have only the 4 character slots, with 2 relics in each. Because brand new players (which is what we all should want) are best served by splitting relic focus and exploring defense types to find their playstyle and what will and will not work for the climb. So now here's the equation (8+5) x 100 = 4000 motes and (8+5) x 500,000 = 6.5 million gold just to get 13 items to a decent state to not even approach a good chance of success. Any why? Because they still have to pay for shards upgrades, chip and servo upgrades. Now lets calculate everything. 4000 motes, 6.5 million gold for gear and relic upgrades, at least another 5-10 million for shard upgrades, and they still haven't even encountered the economy of upgrading chips and servos and that cost is astronomical to put it kindly. so let's figure this out and total everything up for that brand new player, okay? To get competitive and on the level to actually contribute to a map group's success at C7, they have to run and win at least 800 maps for motes alone, gather up a minimum of 16 million gold for gear, relic, and shard upgrades; then and only then does the actual grind start if they want a good Onslaught climb and to do Ascension resets to get competitive enough to get on the leader boards. And please spare me the "they can buy motes and materials" because @ between 3 and 6 million gold (on Xbox One anyway) for a stack of 99 motes? All of that is supposed to keep a new player around? Most would say "I'd rather lose every match I play in CoD, um FOREVER, than grind this out..."
  7. Let me start by saying that I love DD2, and that I see very few flaws with the game as a whole. That being said, speaking for myself and hopefully many other players, the game is very grind intensive. Currently it takes dozens of hours of play, just to get a floor or two higher in Onslaught, much less gathering materials for your next Ascension reset. Grind is good for keeping players who love the game around for the long haul, but is much less friendly for anyone to reach that end game level of play. Players end up focus grinding, running maps until they get the motes then start a new map just for motes again. Then they spend every defender medal they get buying shard packs. Most players are not at the top tier of play and have a very difficult time getting there. That begs the question of whether a slight adjustment could ease that grind? With that question, I offer an idea that could help all those areas at once. 1. Give all level 5 and above chips a slightly higher chance of dropping. Helps the economy on whole, reduces the over-inflation of chip and servo prices. 2. Increase DM and shard award for map completion, say 10-15 extra DM and 2 extra shards. - Eases the grind, ensures players want to complete maps rather than cutting them short. 3. Increase mote drop slightly, something similar to: Chaos I - 5 mote drop; with a 50% chance for a 6th mote from the chest Chaos II - 6 mote drop; 75% chance for a 7th, 50% chance for an 8th from the chest Chaos III - 7 mote drop; 75% chance for a 8th mote, 50% chance for an 9th, 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos IV - 5 mote drop; 50% chance for a 6th mote from the chest Chaos V - 6 mote drop; 75% chance for a 7th, 50% chance for an 8th mote from the chest Chaos VI - 7 mote drop; 75% chance for a 8th, 50% chance for an 9th, 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos VII - 7 mote drop; 25% chance for a 8th, 10% chance for an 9th, and a 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos VIII - Leave this in its current state, as of now this is top tier play, and players should work hard to achieve this level. These slight adjustments would help ease the grind, keep new players, helps current and top tier players grind more efficiently and effectively, and are very far from making the game easy mode. I encourage both positive and negative comments as well as other ideas, hoping to establish a dialog for change. Thanks for reading and happy defending!
  8. After participating in my first holiday event where extra flair was essentially free for just logging in each day, this idea started forming. While my favorite word in the English language is "free", there are times where I want to do a little work for my reward. That being said, here goes. Concept: Weekly Dragonfall Invasions on the weekends only, both Saturdays & Sundays to maximize player availability and word of mouth marketing from the player base, again word of mouth marketing for upcoming DDA, and as a new advertising angle for all versions of the game as a whole...but mostly for the fun of it. New Bosses and NPC's: There is a new main boss, let's call this new boss "BBTPAB" for "Big Bad Town Portal Attack Boss" from here forward...LOL. There is a new NPC, we'll call them "SDM" or "Spawn Defense Mages" from here forward as well. Map: Modified Dragonfall Town Players Hub Overall Mechanics: NOTE: To ease the design, programming, and implementation of this new event; I'm covering story, gameplay, and the proposed technical aspects of this idea all mixed together in the way I think it makes sense...but maybe I'm an idiot, so hopefully readers understand it. The event both starts and finishes with a cut scene. The story line reasoning behind the content of these cut scenes and yet the siege continuing is because BBTPAB knows that at least some heroes are off vacationing and handling personal business...the Huntress is getting her nails done, the Apprentice is working on his tan, the Squire is on the prowl for maidens because he IS the Squire after all, and the Monk is meditating because what else would he be doing, right? The start of the event is a "Sneak Attack" and is a complete bullcrap, cheaterific, ninja magics summoning of SUPER Dark Assassins that one shot players and NPC's alike in said cut scene. This sneak attack cut scene begins at a seemingly random time from the players' perspective, but is a programed event set by devs and can be modified from weekend to weekend if desired. If it were me leading the project, I would set it up to start at a point when the number of logged in players is at its highest, something I'm positive is already being recorded and evaluated. Again, because cut scenes ease programming burden, everyone getting killed off with no chance to survive or fight let's players load a modified version of the Dragonfall player hub map. BBTPAB has recruited every mob type and mini-boss type currently in the game to lay siege to the town in an attempt to wipe out all heroes in one fell swoop. Sieges occur on both Saturdays and Sundays, because obviously once the heroes kick his @$$ over the weekend, BBTPAB will need time to recruit more cannon fodder for his evil plot. My idea for Siege Theme and Duration would be constant build phases and combat phases for roughly 2 hours, but whatever works. The map load, again using a modified version of the Dragonfall Town player hub, simplifies the development and programming aspect because it's "just another map" (to understate the entire design and implementation process on an epic level, of course LOL). Players load into the event town map in the normal, initial spawn location inside the room with the Map Table. The NPC's are all dead where they stood, buildings are on fire, the sky is raining meteors, the ground is cracked, and there are random skeletons here and there to symbolize the players killed in the opening cut scene. Your basic run-of-the-mill Poc-Eclipse type stuff. The Map Table is left open for players who want regular play, but all other "escape" portals from town are locked because BBTPAB has those bullcrap, cheaterific, ninja magics like that...but ninja magics come with a cost. First Cost: Increased DU in this map, but each player can only build a maximum of 3 defenses. Second Cost: Expanded area of the map that defenses can be placed so as to cover the entire map. Third Cost: A one way permeable magic barrier held in place by new NPC's, who we'll call SDM or Spawn Defense Mages. They continuously channel the barrier (because there has to be a reason and graphics for why the barrier is in place). Their story line is that they were a secret "Special Defense Forces" group held in reserve and kept secret by the powers that be, in the event of this type of attack. The barrier is at the opening of the spawn point inside the main room where the Map Table is. Players can go out through it into the rest of town, but neither wave monsters nor players can cross back into the spawn room. Map Objective Mechanics: Like normal maps, build phase timers work like group build phase timers except the event starts as if all but one player has clicked "Ready", and waves are not timed but require completion to move into another build phase. Unlike normal maps, there is no gem cart, but there are secondary objectives. My idea was three total, each of which modify the event experience for players. These objectives could be placed wherever the devs decide, but my ideas for them are as follows. For starters, the objectives are reactive to one another. All three are up at the beginning of the event; however if one is destroyed a cycle begins. Upon the a objective's destruction, the mobs receive modified pathing to the next closest objective. If all three are destroyed, 5 players can focus-repair one of them to start the objective respawn cycle. Once that repair is complete on the chosen objective, a timer of let's say 5 minutes starts. When the timer ends another objective may be focus-repaired by 5 players, and this process keeps repeating for the duration of the event. The first secondary objective continually gives players loot bonuses so long as it survives, and devs can make this either the closest objective to mob portals, or the furthest away depending upon how generous they're feeling and how popular they want this event to be. ;D The second secondary objective, as I allow myself to introduce...myself, determines the spawn rate of the mob portals, keeping it at a lower rate so long as the objective survives, increasing the normal mob spawn rate, but more specifically the mini-boss mob spawn rate of portals. The third secondary objective determines mob type, health, and damage. When this objective is destroyed, portals only spawn mini-boss mobs with respect to health and damage capabilities until the 5 minutes timer finishes and a 5 player focus-repair of another secondary objective is complete. Rewards Loot: In general it would be increased to the full group rate, with each player receiving individual loot from each mob they "tagged". I say tagged as in they did actual significant damage to the mob in question, so that players can't just be carried through the events and soak extra loot as it would ruin both the leveling experience of the game as well as the game's economy. Using Mastery as something of a template, here is my idea for a tiered reward system. Progression Rewards: First Tier: Player receives bonus gold at various survival marks for no death's during an event, capping at surviving the event with no death's at all. 5k gold increments adjusted for individual Ascension bonuses. Second Tier: Upon participation in each wave and surviving all waves of a single event; title and prestige weapon rewards. Let's say a name prefix of "Survivalist <insert player account name here>" and one prestige weapon. Third Tier: Upon participation in each wave and surviving all waves of two events; title, gold, and prestige weapon rewards rewards. Let's say a name suffix of "<insert player account name here> the Enduring", 100k gold, two prestige weapons. Fourth Tier: Upon participation in each wave and surviving all waves of five events; title, gold, and prestige weapon rewards. Let's say a name prefix of "Defender <insert player account name here>", 100k gold, two prestige weapons. Fifth Tier: Upon participation in each wave and surviving all waves of 10 events; title, gold, defender medals, Ascension level, and exclusive flair rewards. Let's say a name prefix of "Defense Master <insert player account name here>", 250k gold, 1000 defender medals, 5 Ascension levels, and one exclusive flair reward. Final Tier: For participation in each wave and surviving all waves of each consecutive event beyond 10 events; title, gold, defender medals, Ascension level, and exclusive flair rewards. Let's say a name prefix of "Defender Elite <insert player account name here>", 250k gold, 5 Ascension levels, and one flair reward to be chosen by the player. Nearing the End of this... While I used Mastery as a general template, I focused the upper two tiers for seasoned defenders who have little beyond Ascension to work on at this point. Juicebags comes to mind, beyond being a valuable resource to the game and its community, players at that status level appreciate some form of progression beyond the standard progression grind, and this might be something for them and something for players like me to work toward. Again, just an idea and I appreciate any feedback whether positive or negative. My hope is that this idea and its cumulative feedback and future brainstorming is something added to a game that is already awesome to begin with, giving it something of an Ascension level of its own, and being something to carry into DDA. Thanks for reading my wall of text, have an awesomely defender day!
  9. Love the new map UI despite there being the initial challenge of figuring out how to create a private map, but it's there...the problem I have is that once I've created a private map, beaten it, collected my chest, hit the button (left of the Xbox button in center of controller) I select Continue so I can go into another private map with the desire of doing so repeatedly to get bonus shards as of the 4th consecutive win...instead...hitting continue puts me in a public map, which I do not want. My gear and relics are at or near maxed, with capped shards, as well as high yellow to max green chips and servos, spent A LOT of time getting my gear to where it is. I've climbed the ladder to where I have C7 on solo farm and have for a while now, and inevitably the ONLY losses I have are when I'm grouped with others, it's why I don't group and don't want to group...completely beside the point and ranting a bit. Need Trendy to fix this, give us back consecutive private maps.
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