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  1. @ArchaicLotus Let me extend my apologies to you personally as well. When discussing things, I tend to be a little fanatical in defending my points. Instead of enthusiastically debating, I tend to come to presume things and that comes off as rude and insulting. That wasn't cool of me and I apologize. @brokenwoody4 Funny that you mention that method, it's what I did for this last reset. Got my weapon to C7 right out of the gate, then leveled up my relics all to C7, rest of the gear is C3 - C4 and just using what drops to get gear leveled back up to C7 minimum access. It's sav
  2. @ArchaicLotus For someone who decided to immediately bash my OP, you didn't seem to read any of my posts very thoroughly. This is evidenced by not only your misinterpretation of the OP, but my interpretation of your last response as well. My impression of your last response was that it so far off base that it's outside the park. Highlighting differences is not insulting unless you take it that way. What is the point of being a "seasoned defender" if you're not actually reading what you're commenting on? My advice is either actually read what you seem to be merely scanning, or maybe r
  3. @Exglint Yeah, 10 hours of active play guarantees a 10 and a guaranteed 10 after like 240 something re-rolls. If you just grind for those two no grown up gamer with any kind of work or life is going to be able to devote 10 straight hours a week, much less 10 hours a day to a single 10 chip or servo (which half the time seem to have a really high chance of dropping as one you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want or need. And 120 map (at say 10-15 minutes a map) wins for a single 10? FFS, you shouldn't have to quit your job, get divorced, become a bum, neglect your children, and live in your parent's
  4. @ArchaicLotus Educated (slightly) guesses, not necessarily made up, per se. Easier and not being a time black hole are two very difficult things. Speaking of amazing gamers, the idea of relegating a highly skilled and potentially amazing gamer to nothing status because of a time commitment is a tragedy. They could offer much to a community like ours, but instead they'll never see the light of day. Chromatic has already said DD2 will not "die". I won't be playing DDA for several reasons. Interestingly enough, the most significant reason is the look of the hero avatars. I like a
  5. @ArchaicLotus What you are talking about and what I am talking about are two very different things, it seems. I'm talking about a slight increase and only a chance at that, and your interpretation seems to be that even a 10% increase is unacceptable. OP was designed to create a dialog, to see if there is a way to help all the players at once without making it too easy, and instead you're turning it into a pissing match that is caused by probably years of time spent on a game that I'm suggesting is worth looking into a rework of certain aspects. To me that seems like you're being a lit
  6. I see some of what all of you are saying; however there are more than a few things I disagree with, but let's stick with just 3, okay? 1. Using the argument of "I had to suffer, I had to grind, so you should have to suffer as much as I did and you should have to grind as much as I did." is a very and completely invalid argument. And here is why...first, just because the game state and your commitment to it were in the state they were, does not mean sensible and well planned change isn't a good thing or isn't necessary. In previous iterations of the game, costs were still high but the
  7. Let me start by saying that I love DD2, and that I see very few flaws with the game as a whole. That being said, speaking for myself and hopefully many other players, the game is very grind intensive. Currently it takes dozens of hours of play, just to get a floor or two higher in Onslaught, much less gathering materials for your next Ascension reset. Grind is good for keeping players who love the game around for the long haul, but is much less friendly for anyone to reach that end game level of play. Players end up focus grinding, running maps until they get the motes then start a new map
  8. After participating in my first holiday event where extra flair was essentially free for just logging in each day, this idea started forming. While my favorite word in the English language is "free", there are times where I want to do a little work for my reward. That being said, here goes. Concept: Weekly Dragonfall Invasions on the weekends only, both Saturdays & Sundays to maximize player availability and word of mouth marketing from the player base, again word of mouth marketing for upcoming DDA, and as a new advertising angle for all versions of the game as a whole...but
  9. Love the new map UI despite there being the initial challenge of figuring out how to create a private map, but it's there...the problem I have is that once I've created a private map, beaten it, collected my chest, hit the button (left of the Xbox button in center of controller) I select Continue so I can go into another private map with the desire of doing so repeatedly to get bonus shards as of the 4th consecutive win...instead...hitting continue puts me in a public map, which I do not want. My gear and relics are at or near maxed, with capped shards, as well as high yellow to max green chi
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