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  1. Hi everyone, i am right in the middle of some ap resets but the grind for motes is really exhausting for me. Maybe we can get the possibility to break our Pristine Motes into Shiny and Plain Motes. For example 1 Pristine Mote = 1 Plain and 1 Shiny Mote Greetings
  2. Hi, thanks for the response. I'm from Germany PC/EU-Server. Yesterday the rubberbanding was also non existent for me. But the days beforce it was almost unplayable. I have played some games today and rubberbanding is still existent for me. :/
  3. Hi everyone, does anyone else have constant lags/rubber banding since a few days? Or even better a solution for my problem? Greetings
  4. Hi, since the last Hotfix my game freezes all the time after the start of wave 1. After a while it switches back to the starting screen and a window with "Connection timed out" appears. Even after a new Installation it doesnt work. Anyone else got this problem?
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