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  1. Im looking for some New Event Items. For The first Time i want to trade this 4 EventGuys here. Send me some Offer´s , if u need them. - also u can to surprise me with ,Deals. Waterfall Mask of the Legends Vortex Hammer Vortex Shield
  2. 1. New Patch Celebration 2. Gaia's Last Gift 3. Cinnamon Steam ID : https://steamcommunity.com/id/UNLSHD1337/ Thank you :) ! DungeonDefenders Comeback is Real! ____________ DDA
  3. yea thanks. i have the items back :)
  4. Hey i did a mistake ... :(((( i delete my squire lvl 98 (i think) , is there a chance to get him back? :( it is really frustrating.. it´s not becouse of the lvl but he was equiped with VORTEX HAMMER and VORTEX SHIED , my only uniques so far. can someone help me?
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