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  1. Hi there http://imgur.com/Iycvc I'm looking for good tower chain or mana. Post here please
  2. Hi, Apparently the ogre party hat when upgraded is generating more mana than you are putting into it according to this thread on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/ocg64/make_10m_mana_in_10_minutes/ I have not tested this since at work will update this post with confirmation when I get back.
  3. isn't it a bit harder tho? Not being able to repair or dps and all. Well I expect it to be bad but its kinda worse than survival insane haha. 40k total mana for completing wave 7 I think.
  4. Hi there, Why is pure strat nightmare loot so low? I reached wave 8 but the highest quality item was a legendary staff with 22 upgrades >.> Is this on purpose?
  5. This was NOT THE CASE on the night of the release. I played quite a bit and my huntress traps had 25k damage on them. This was either a bug or a nerf after the original release. Please look into it trendy!
  6. I agree, I do enjoy this a lot more. Full attention needed for sure. however I'm on wave 9 in alch on nightmare, its been way tougher than insane mix mode, however I'm sure I was getting much better stuff in mix insane than survival nightmare. This needs to be adressed! Also I'm soloing, and spiders can't touch me because I stay perma invisi =D!!
  7. ew thats it? I wanted more of a grind =(
  8. I think giving u such a high hp must be a nerf? Because it must be really hard to heal that back up with mana right?
  9. anyone else downloading rediculously slow? im talking about 200kb/s slow..... ya i've checked my internet, I guess its steam being really slow =(
  10. Apparently reports of people being able to play nightmare without the dlc. I'd try that first.
  11. 1st wipe at the 1st level on nightmare ! yaaahooo oo don't u have to buy the dlc first? It's not even showing up for me on steam, mind linking yours?
  12. I can't even open the game atm =( it says its not available atm. Steam issues? edit: Wait I started, is it 1g big?
  13. I don't have mine downloading yet =(
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