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  1. Also you could sell cubes for 130B and 20 per coal
  2. I got a black magic up for trade
  3. I'll try because at this speed I can't get in a bid before the auction ends XD
  4. What do you value Alpha and Gamma separately?
  5. Leather/mail/pristine/chain/plate Oh the topic states that you need leather XD I'll see what I got later today
  6. I didn't know there was rules. I'll remember that next time!
  7. Hey, I want to auction off this nice looking dragon pet "Blu" Got it in the Dice giveaway I accept coal,cubes,diamonds (5/10/15) Buyout: Ginger+Cinnamon End date 28.04.19 I got a reservere and 48 hour sniping rule
  8. Yeah your are right Thales, sorry I just finally got a decent bid on it But yeah, ending it. Sorry MailmanGus
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