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  1. Leather/mail/pristine/chain/plate Oh the topic states that you need leather XD I'll see what I got later today
  2. I didn't know there was rules. I'll remember that next time!
  3. Hey, I want to auction off this nice looking dragon pet "Blu" Got it in the Dice giveaway I accept coal,cubes,diamonds (5/10/15) Buyout: Ginger+Cinnamon End date 28.04.19 I got a reservere and 48 hour sniping rule
  4. Yeah your are right Thales, sorry I just finally got a decent bid on it But yeah, ending it. Sorry MailmanGus
  5. Most of the time you would want to use the DU on other defence then Minions, as their DPS is low and as walls they would use to much DU. I'd rather build an EV wall then minions but because minions don't require DU I build minions. I prefer them seperated as I like to use as many heroes as possible to make a defence
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/id/themonstergnom Hans Joachim (NOR) 1. Stieglitz 2. Blu 3. Odin's Mask
  7. Selling of this nice tower boost gloves (5/10/16) Normal rates I got a reserve on it
  8. MM is also one of the few weapons that give increased movement speed. I'll look through what I have.
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