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  1. I think a good way to find out the real dps is to test the towers against puppets in town. You need to check the dmg dealt count per sec when tower is making dmg. You will see if its 4 or 5M dps. Same for the other towers. But i think some displays are actually fine like the earthshatter or cannon towers. Auras and traps are mostly the towers with wrong displays. Sry for my bad english^^ Emoji_Drakkin.png

  2. I'm at AP18 at the moment and can say that 1 reset and more are possible in a day if you have 2 good towers. First you need to reach at least onslaught lvl 55 for high enough ascension lvl when u reset. Next you just need upgrade the 2 relicts of your 2 best towers and you can easy win the first maps after reset. Then you pick up the items and use 1 relict that you find for your walls. You dont need upgrade it. Then you have okay walls and 2 good towers that should do the Job for the first 15 AP resets easy. 

    All you need are the gold and materials for upgrading your 2 tower relicts. 

    Good luck and have fun ´´;..;`` DD2 is the best game ever :)

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