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  1. In "DunDefEquipment_DLC_Special_Squire" there is a missing "s" EquipmentDescription="Ein unorthodoxes Geschenk wahrscheinlich nicht von einem Freund."That line is also missing a comma: EquipmentDescription="Ein unorthodoxes Geschenk, wahrscheinlich nicht von einem Freund." (As in: "Ein unorthodoxes Geschenk, das wahrscheinlich nicht von einem Freund stammt.") [Babbling taken out about my dislike of unorthodox - just would prefer ungewnlich ;)] Sorry for being stingy on that one ;)
  2. Will fix immediately. Sorry, should have had the community check a fan-made Translation before incorporating it.It would be nice and helpful to let other players re-read new translations. The new German one wasn't that bad (even it neither covered the main problems nor more than around 40% of the text) but there still are a few mistakes and some periphrasis wouldn't be necessary in German. It would be much easier to review a new translation BEFORE it is included (afterwards is always like being a smart-arse if there are only small mistakes made).
  3. I tried NM Endless first wave. Switching gear to squire and building with a setup I found on here. Everything went just fine except for the last two enemies (sharken and ogre). I think my dps is just waaaay too low.Try the following (mind the markers!): http://ddplanner.com/?l=5581,misty-huntress-nm-w1 You don't even need the mana from W1-only chests (more chances to get myth gear after W1, yay!). This build really helped me to progress. It's fairly easy, no need to be too precise (just try to block the roads with traps) and perfectly manageable with a non-specialized huntress wearing gear
  4. I can definitely confirm that they have never stacked, at least not (very) soon after EV's release. I had tested this personally in the tavern as one of the first things I experimented with, hoping that it would stack, but was left disappointed.Same thing here (even though I tested it on maps), but exactly the other way round. I tried on Throne Room and Summit and MM as well as Lightning got a boost stack. Maybe there was a bug and they sometimes did stack, sometimes didn't (maybe not in tavern?). The beams will count defenses it can buff, even if it isn't actively buffing them.That's really
  5. [c3;465318']buff beams never stacked in effect. they only ever provided 1 set of benefits to any tower buffed by them. if they did, that was a bug, and got fixed like it should have.Didn't make screenshots / videos back the time SEV was released - but they definitely did stack. Tried it out with half a dozen settings, they stacked every time. If the actual behaviour is intended, their Buff-Counter is bugged. If not, the beams are.
  6. Tower buff beams don't stack in effect any more. While after release I used to build 'stars' with a tower in the center and parallel lines (to check out for the effect) and the effect stacked, today I tried to build 2 beams to buff a line of towers. First buff was applied, second wasn't. I tried to cross two beams, same result. I don't know if this is intended (haven't seen a patch note like this, but maybe I missed it out). But I don't think so because buff says it is buffing towers.
  7. Suggestion: Message like the 'Defense got destroyed'-line. Both messages last a second longer than actual, messages don't come one after another but in a 'flooding' way above the others while older ones dimmish and vanish once there are too many messages (or when time to vanish is reached). maybe even with gloving stuff on the map showing where...Suggestion: Mark every single destroyed / moved defence that way. When the user looks at the map the 'new' marks vanish after around 5 seconds. Every player has their own time-line for this (otherwise it would be useless - if one player NEEDS the m
  8. and start summoning the minions because they think the minions will protect them. then it will be taking away the du you need to complete your build. So you end up kicking them or put up with it.Ok - of course that's a problem. But these players would act in a similar (not identical, of course) way with every other new class. Either they are willing to learn or they are a problem with any class on any map (but I agree, personal bodyguards worsen their behaviour). But well - that's not the problem of the summoner over all, but of these people.
  9. Diablo III open beta only allowed you to get to lvl 13. The beta barely scraped the surface of what the game will be.Surface may be. But Blood Raven placed fear in my soul years ago, because of her awesome speed and the feeling arrows rain out of the nowhere. The skeleton king just has a lot of HP, never had to worry about healing because of healing orbs. Was just like any other enemy. Oh wait, no, he wasn't. He didn't die after 5 seconds like champs and that stuff, he lasted for around 4-5 minutes. Never ever a boss was that boring within D2. In general: much much MUCH easier than D2's Nor
  10. Did the hp buff get removed?The original poster wanted to express that from his point of view that patch note is missing - it never was an official note.
  11. Overall I think there is a need to rework the spawn mechanics even further. Did an Insane HC run on Lab yesterday, one on Deeper well today. Lab is quite fine, no too big slowdowns (could be improved further though). Deeper Well on the other hand: first third of a wave mobs are flooding, middle third they are dropping out of the spawns every few seconds, last third flooding again. If there really is a need for low equipped players to have time to repair, please add 10-20 seconds in which NO monsters spawn at all (and add a toogle option to cut that time out). It's just painful like it is, near
  12. Did you unequip an item to check if you get the bonus at all? Because, there was a change in 7.30c: [QUOTE]* Fixed bug where Supreme Full-Set Bonus (36%) was being given to Transcendent Gear (supposed to be 33%)[/QUOTE]Maybe you don't get a bonus at all now or you just have to re-equip an item to fix that problem. Unlikely (but still possible): only trap counts / tower health doesn't count right any more.
  13. Prior to the most recent patch my traps had a detonation count of 649 however now in 7.30d they only go up to 481.These numbers sound like you unequipped an item with a few points in trap count and (mainly) destroyed your set bonus. Did you check that? My traps seem perfectly ok, nothing changed.
  14. Got three in the Lab (Insane HC W13-25) yesterday. Crap, of course, but got 'em.
  15. * Fixed straggler spawns where Survival Spawn times would tend to have enemies slowly appear way after most of the wave was over, or in massive rushes at the endThank you!
  16. Armor is 99% to all resists and 700 to all tower stats is "ok" ? =PSorry, my bad. I missed out it was on one item :) Of course that's not legit at all.
  17. There are two ways to report such things: First: http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?45-Report-a-Player Second: asking the community if something is hacked. In this case you should not name players (rules of this forum). Stats of the player and towers are ok (at least, if he isn't level 17 or something like that), weapon and animus are way too good to be legit.
  18. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58158-Shipwreck-Ruins-Ogre-Stuck And yes, it's extremely annoying - sometimes I have to run around for nearly a minute just to kill one Fyvern (killing isn't the problem - Piercing Shot is the secret for huntress). Please fix this.
  19. I've also seen Ninjas stuck, same thing with Fyverns. Another problem (not only in the Shipwrack, but also in Oasis MF): mobs just doesn't walk around. I'm not invisible, they aren't stunned / slowed down, they just ignore me until I stand directly next to them (if one mob moves towards me, all the other move on as well). Not as bad as at Oasis' so - there the mobs doesn't walk out of spawns for MINUTES (luckily now we can kill them after a few seconds anyway). Furthermore: spawn of last few monsters. I had to wait around 20 seconds for last 2 Fyverns in one wave. This problem isn't new,
  20. Or maybe a little tickbox which is reset every time there's new content released saying "Don't show me this again". I don't want capture the flag, PA skins, and the other stuff I already have. It's kinda lame.That.
  21. This window is nothing but annoying. And no, it won't make me buy the DLCs I currently have no interest in. Windows/Advertisements like this make me quit games since years - I hope it will be removed soon (even though I LOVE to have an overview about missing DLCs - but not midway between starting and playing a game).
  22. wait imo alot less mobs will mean it will be alot less boring :)/sign Wait until tomorrow (patchday). Level your huntress until then (at level 34 she can wear new gear) and try to get many points in Trap health (less maintenance during waves).
  23. I think it should scaled based on how negative it is, stuff that is in the negative hundreds should go up by more than 2 so you could realistically get rid of them.I'd say: max(2;(int) log(abs(-stat))) (Maximum out of 2 and the rounded down natural logarithm of 'stat'.) An item with -151 would still need 45 ups to get positive (last up would give 3 points due to 'can't get zero'-rule). This way you would have a real chance to make a horrible item at least useful for special builders. Even then it will never get anywhere near an item with solely positive stats.
  24. For those of us doing some of these waves we waste god knows how long waiting on djin and spiders to spawn etc.. 10 minutes at the end of many waves is spent scratching our proverbial butts.But - even if I would LOVE a speed up-option - that would be a fight against symptoms. There should be a rework of spawn mechanics. There is no point in waiting one minute until the last wyvern spawns (have this problem nearly every time in the City in the Cliffs) - and there is no point to wait 30 or 15 seconds either. Same way with last two spiders in Mistymire. Same way with last 2-4 wyverns in Endles
  25. Guild wars 2 will be doing this as well.Now I'm even more excited to play GW2, I didn't knew this! Thanks for the info :) I always hate it to change a beautiful item with awful stats because there is a better one with awful appearence (and try to avoid it as long as I can).
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