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  1. Oof... so just do the bare minimum? Or should I go as high as possible?
  2. Hi all! Won't be incredibly active on this forum. If you're playing on PC just go to my discussion thread on Steam to find what I am selling. I will leave the link right here for you. Remember to add me on steam when you want to buy something! And i'll log on right away if I am not currently playing. Thank you!
  3. I have a lot of questions, but I will be semi-brief right now. My main focus is Ancient Power. My current Power or whatever it's called on my main hero is over 8,200. I am wondering, what all I lose when I Ancient mehself. I need an exact list. So I know what not to care about, and what I need my friend to hold onto. Such as, I have dozens and dozens of green chips. Anyways, what do I lose? I really need to know before I start. Thank you all so much <3
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