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  1. They mentioned in their stream that they're removing it temporarily, they found people were getting confused and playing practice for loot, it will be returned.
  2. Thanks for answering my questions guys, I'll check out the link a bit later. Cheers.
  3. Hi there, I've not played since November and it seems to be a whole new game right now. I've tried reading the patch notes but it just blows my mind how much information there is to process, I've worked a lot of things out I'd just like some clarification on a few questions please. 1. Since i have my skill spheres refunded, i now have 23 million and have 6k medals, Is gold the best currency in this situation for upgrading my shards and my gear? or due to the cheap-ish medal costs of upgrading, should i just use medals instead since with the daily's they are easily replenished. 2. Am i right in assuming, that each defence skill now requires its own totem and only that equipped totem effects that one skill and no other. 3. I currently have 2 of each of the original heroes and two Eve 2, each of them WAS focused on either been a pure dps character or a certain niche filler, eg waller, buff beamer, frosty etc, am i right in assuming that now, one of each class can fill all roles, for example a squire can now be a waller and also have great offensive towers. 4. And lastly please, I'm assuming now that hero offensive totems have been removed, that all hero related damage or health is just on equipped armour, so it could mean that you could effectively play a builder with offensive abilitys, negated the need for duplicate characters?. Thanks for reading, hope this was clear enough.
  4. you should also check out this thread to guide your map progression, as this thread shows the location of key legendaries, that will make/break your builds. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/136909/list-of-items-and-their-location-in-current-patch For example getting the purge weapon from malthius on incursion (challenge mode) on NM3 or even NM2 would help your progress massively in NM4 due to its game breaking change to Serenity Aura. Nice one, I'll take a look later at that, thanks for the replys guys.
  5. Ahhh cheers for that, I didn't know you could adjust the min level. I'm not really interested in online play so we can just NM4 Liferoot like we used to. Thanks allot for the information.
  6. Hi there, taken a few months break and have just come back, Me and my friend are pretty stuck on how to gear up now. Before the changes we used to to try our best doing a Nightmare 4, we only ever made around 4 waves but would usually get an upgrade every now and then helping us to get further. Now when I try to play Nightmare 4 it wont let me in, I'm assuming due to gear restrictions. I have 6 characters with an average of about 640 Ilvl. The last levels of NM3 don't offer good enough gear to get into NM4, what am i supposed to do please?
  7. Thanks for all the responses, I had to get go last night I'm afraid. I'll watch the video now thanks Keona. =)
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try a different approach later, And yes Croczilla that's allot of the reason why it screws up, especially the summoners, summoning their minions over my defenses and running behind them to the eggs. Happens allot and it's really annoying to progress so far and have some skinny runt squeeze or be summoned past them to end my game whilst I'm doing well. I have also have issues with mobs simply veering off their path and going up hills when they bunch together. Cheers
  9. Well i clearly am specing them wrong, I added more tower health and lost speed, my speed is at 889 with power at 1100. I guess i should just go all damage
  10. Do you have high tower health to do Hard mode incursion? It's something I've slighty neglected on my builder. My towers get wrecked really fast, sometimes I'm not even sure what's done it.
  11. I've been here for around a week now, I clocked 700 hours actual played time on the first game, and to date out of all the games I've invested time into DD1 was a fantastic experience (Top 3 ever). I waited as long as I could to buy the second one as i didn't want it to sour my experience, which evidently i should have held out a bit longer. First I have to say the game look great, Kudos on that, and considering its development stage it's for the most part a very polished experience. I made an Apprentice as my first class and built all the way to incursion with him , and had a great time, until I didn't. I decided to branch out and try doing more group play, unfortunately it would was pretty much the same as the first, you had around a 2 in 10 chance you'd get into a group where everyone would actually be a team or listen to reason. The only thing I took away from playing in a group was first witnessing the Monk and Huntress electric combo. That day I leveled both a Huntress and the next day a Monk. I literally couldn't believe how something so simple could trivialise most content Pre incursion and for the most part make Incursion levels like Life root Forest( Hard Mode) afkable only really having to repair traps between waves. My biggest issue with this is how it makes most other tower specs redundant, Apprentice towers get TRASHED, I've also geared a builder Squire and his defenses also get wrecked by ranged attackers, no matter where I try and place them. The electric combo is so strong and to be honest it looks the only way to do hard mode incursion unless you have 4 other players. To me relying on a certain setup to complete a level saps all the creativity out of the game, one of the best parts of the first DD was coming up with different builds together, and never following a set template and involving what we had on hand. I've been trying all day to do Hard mode incursions with just towers and boost auras and it feels like you can blink and your towers are almost down, especially with Ogers. I made a wall squire and although he's not fully upgraded I'd of thought them having 20k+ health would buy me enough time make it over there before he wrecks it, but nope down in seconds! I'd be generally interested to know if anyone has soloed Betsy on HM incursion with only towers and no Monk Uber. Anyway that's my two pence. Sorry if it seemed a little ranty.
  12. I just sent the email now thank you. Ugh I feel sick. I have a horrible feeling this wont get resolved. Thank you for your reply. Characters restored, this humble pie is delicious. Nom nom nom. Thank you.
  13. I just sent the email now thank you. Ugh I feel sick. I have a horrible feeling this wont get resolved. Thank you for your reply.
  14. I was doing a king's game run and went to get out my summoner and it was gone, they both were! I have one for building with rocks and another with not so good gear with two guardians on. Is there any way to restore lost characters please? I traded my cube for those =/ Thank you. I left the game straight after I noticed. And am logged out now.
  15. I could of used this info last week =P. But thanks for taking the time to explain. I'm sure it will come in handy. I've noticed a pattern in this forum. I can see almost two identical sell posts. One with pics and one without the one without hardly gets any interest while people always comment on the ones with pics.
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