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  1. 1 hero maps would be not fun for end game stuff...if thats what ur saying edit: god I have so many posts Forgot how hard I use to go on DD1.
  2. I cant login. Seems to be the same thing that happened to you is happening to me. We just cant login?
  3. After getting 25 and doing 25++ with some frs....we really need survival mode or at least something past 25++ Its so easy =(
  4. Cant tell if OP is trolling or only played the game for about 20 mins.
  5. When I got DD2 a few days ago I was shocked it wasnt in the game. . anyway I very much look forward to grinding in survival mode for good loots
  6. I'm guessing i still get the all of that even know someone got it for me? Does anyone know? Like someone gifted it to me.
  7. Any OGs from DD1 days that remember me? If not then hi new people =)
  8. That is a good point, but here is another one... when was the last time you saw a DPS character get MVP in a game? DPS is far less significant than a builder. I can get it over the builder on the new Monster Fest map if I work my butt off.
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