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  1. Things have gotten to nearly 200 bud... Oh nice, I might have to play then. That sure beats 30 upgrades lol.
  2. So did they improve loot? I was running Glitterhelm on Hard and found a sword in a chest with 40+ upgrades.
  3. I own the game on PC. My question is to whether or not it's worth playing on Console again.
  4. So I've decided to return to Xbox after a LONG break. Is returning to DD worth it? I haven't played since Shards 1.
  5. I want to take a moment to step out and thank Hitmonchan for answering my PM and for delivering some information. You guys are definitely headed in the right direction. It is a tragedy that we won't be able to receive some DLC because of Console limitations, but hopefully this won't be the end of the road. We'll see what the future holds after this upcoming patch hits. I wish you guys the best.
  6. I wouldn't have minding bought a full retail $60 game if we would have gotten all the support pc got for like $2. They could charge console users $5-$10 a month for regular updates/content and the majority of console users would pay, sadly. And while the PC market is the biggest...the console market is fairly big too with over 30 million active users on Xbox Live alone. Some companies just simply don't take that "extra" step to get their product out there. :/
  7. My question is...are we going to actually get some of the updates that PC has? I'm talking non-DLC. Like some of the things we compiled in our Patch Suggestion/Wishlist thread. That will ultimately decide my future support of Trendy Entertainment.
  8. I will also note that you shouldn't be charging the same price for this game on console as you do on PC. Really isn't right. :/ And all this talk about Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. I'm pretty sure both of those are a lot more popular on console than their PC counterpart.
  9. Thanks for some information finally. Now I can delete DunDef from my HDD and be satisfied that I'll never have to spend another penny on this game. Also events are a nice idea but very very few players actually have a chance of getting in so....
  10. Excuse me? I make a blanket statement about console players and you personally attack me and my lifestyle? Well please, tell me how I should live my life since you clearly know me better than I know myself. I have no sympathy for console players complaining because you have dug yourself into a hole that you can't get out of, and then you refuse a ladder out, then you complain about it. You chose the console over the PC. You refuse to switch over to the game with the updates. And after all that, you know that Trendy are slow with updating the console, and you know they will eventually patch,
  11. I know about the process and all the technical stuff with patching for console as do a lot of the console community. All we want is communication and information on what's happening and were we stand with everything.
  12. We agree on the definition of "sliver". I think it is reasonable to say we have gotten a sliver. I'd even say we've gotten a little more. I think we would all agree that we haven't gotten less than sliver, which is what you suggested. I did not tell you to not complain, that was the other guy. I gave you advice to help you have your complaints taken seriously. If you want to give feedback directly to Trendy, you have the option to do that via private message. If you choose to do it publicly, other readers of the forums are allowed to share their opinion of your opinion. Consider how yo
  13. sliver (slvr) n. 1. A slender piece cut, split, or broken off; a splinter: slivers of broken glass. 2. A small narrow piece, portion, or plot: However inaccurate you think I am, I really see no purpose other than you getting warned by mods. And also I'M PRETTY SURE the main reason FORUMS exist is to complain and give feedback and well I'm conveying how the majority of console players feel. And besides I've done a lot for the community so stop trolling my posts.
  14. The patch was supposed to be submitted this month and here it is nearing the end of January and we haven't gotten even a sliver of information. I'm outright disgusted by the lack of information for the console community.
  15. Yeah, better customer support. You guys have a LONG LONG way to go before that's achieved.
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