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  1. Somehow i have the hole 450 gems now try replaying The Adventures maps that's what i did .
  2. I played all adventure maps and didn't get the 450 gems i just got 300 gems So please help me ! EDIT: I played DD2 ages a go and i'm not sure if the 450 gems thing did exist before because i played the first few maps before and got nothing. So when i joined a couple of days a go i played the rest of the maps And did get 300 gems , IGN : BLACKDIE2002
  3. F2P Players are able to get 450 For free after completing the maps in adventures So if they can turn Gems Into medals and buy a hero that will be cool !
  4. Great News !!!! I will do my best To help you !!! and hopefully The legion i will send me the Code !!!!
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