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  1. Please leave offers and steamID in a post, thanks!
  2. I feel your frustration MacPimpin. I'm an (volunteer) administrator on a free gaming website, and some how people feel they are entitled to 24/7 support. Whining if they aren't helped within 15 seconds of joining the IRC channel, getting mad when they are blocked because they broke the rules, etc, etc...
  3. Im currently doing NM hardcore Endless Spire Campaign. Looting for semi decent myth gear and making between 10m and 20m in 15min. Maybe not the greatest farm, but I don't want to or can't commit hours to a survival farmfest.
  4. To be honest, you seem to have really crappy gear... even when I didn't upgrade my gear, I had 300+ in tower damage with my characters. Are you aware of the set bonus you get if you equip the same type armor? (Just an observation, not trying to be mean or something) But read the thread Riyshn linked, it is amazing! It really helped me to get some decent myth gear and skip big parts of the grindfest.
  5. Thanks, going with tower damage. Did test it in open, and could get 88k damage on a dummy. But I always seem to end up with my genie on my DPS to stay perma invisible during nightmare levels and farming the last ogre for enough mana to upgrade every thing :D
  6. So.. after ramparts nightmare I found this gem in my tavern... As it is a lvl74 pet, I was wondering how I should level it... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/screenshot/595831519796504374?tab=public I read that the damage of lvl74 pets scale with hero damage? My original plan was to use it for a tower-character, but with this new information, I might turn it into a DPSish pet... It also seems he does AOE fire damage, is that correct?
  7. Steam issue as it seems: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?34491-Note-Nightmare-temporarily-inaccessible-temporary-server-side-Steam-issue
  8. first level of the quest part 1... 2nd wave, ogre had over 2.5kk HP.
  9. Restarted steam, bought the DLC, downloading with 6mb/s now.
  10. Squire in tavern: Hero HP: 5111 Blockade HP: 21522 Squire in Deeper Well Nightmare Hero HP: 30666 Blockade HP: 31208 Edit: 98 points in hero HP and 568 in tower HP.
  11. Went from 17.5k to about 3k per projectile. HP was about 8 times higher. But the ogre on Deeper Well still one shotted me despite him standing in a strength aura...
  12. So... you patched, and now you have the DLC without buying it? First the Xbox thing, now free DLC on steam? Can someone say: INCOMING ****STORM? Only the standard campaign, not the extra stuff... I made a few ingame screenshots, but steam is slow with giving me links... Edit: Nightmare summit: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/screenshot/595831141180888722?tab=public the shiny buttons: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/screenshot/595831141180887246/?tab=public getting jumped by spiders #1: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007956537/scr
  13. hehe, the ogre keeps one shotting me, despite having 10k+ HP and him standing in a strength aura. Spiders don't hurt me too much with an animus flying around.
  14. I downloaded the patch within 2 minutes, got to love university network. You can play the standard 13 levels for free on nightmare, the new challenges and quest part 1 are a DLC as it seems.
  15. no issues with steam or trendynet here.
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