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  1. That's mostly what I have been doing, although I had been upgrading relics too. Thank you very much for the confirmation, especially the incursions bit. Since Incursions came after Defend in the list, I was figuring they were harder (especially since my hind end was handed to me just as bad in incursions as it was with Chaos).
  2. I was about to post the same thing since I'm a "New 50", and completely baffled on the loot "rules". I keep seeing folks talking about how loot is based on gear. Is this only for Chaos maps? I finally fully upgraded all of my gear on my DPS Huntress last night. Played through missions (not Chaos as it still just owns me) and dropped out everyone else in my deck (who have an average of lvl46 gear, mostly not upgraded), but the loot was leveled at the level of the map. Hard Greystone Plaza runs were dropping lvl 8 gear. I completed Betsy and everything was around lvl32. Am I going to have to c
  3. Hey all, To note, I put a slew of hours into DD1 and certainly am no slouch when it comes to DD. By no means an expert, but I do know (at least logistically) what to put where and how to use the pointy end of the stick. I've been out of the loop for about a year now (ish) as I downloaded DD2 when the alpha was available on the PS4. Got my toons to 25 and played for a while after that, but got bored with the lack of content so stopped playing. Last week, seeing there was lots more content, I updated and started playing again. Have my main 4 toons (not purchased any of the others yet) to 50, a
  4. Just wanted to thank the last two folks for possible solutions and point out that this is in the PS4 thread where we can'd do much in either regard. :(
  5. Happens to me as well. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the game (yay for 3 hours of PSN download times!) and it didn't help. I've played for the last two days just fine in a private tavern and solo matches, but the moment I go into town, I start getting freezing load times.
  6. Option to either sell from or sell all in temporary storage. I will examine drops between the waves and not pick up anything I don't want so it doesn't clutter my inventory. After I leave the map, everything gets thrown into my temp storage. That's cool, and I like it, but I should be able to sell/sell all from there without moving it to my inventory first. After a few maps, the temp storage becomes a bit full, and if there is anything there I want to sort through (such as an epic helm that ended up there from falling off the map) it is a bit of a pain.
  7. I think that with the game only being in pre-alpha right now, and only releasing a little over a month ago... It would be very hard to determine long term support compared to how it was on the older gen consoles. I'd wildly guess that we're still a year away from a full release. While I completely understand the question (I still get frustrated with some of the remaining issues on the 360), I think it's *way* too soon to have an answer for it.
  8. If new maps are unlocked based on toon level, there should be some sort of visual indicator on the map selection screen that shows required levels to unlock them. This, especially, since it's a deviation from how DD1 was (complete one, unlock the next).
  9. Same here. I had to go back to the Social Taverrn, then go back into a Private Tavern. Once I did that, the maps would be unlocked (after I was the appropriate level). On some of the later maps, I was able to select "Continue" at the end of a map, and doing that did unlock maps without me needing to go back to the Social Tavern.
  10. MysticWriter, that's what I do for sure as well. Running to pick up and only focusing on certain lanes when I need to (such as protecting the two window controls in the throne room). And always upgrade before repair. I'm still hovering around Lvl 20 - 22 with my four toons, so haven't gotten to the harder plays yet (freestyle or Gambler's Pass). So am not sure how it goes on those yet either. One thing to note that I mentioned only partially, is that doing what I listed above with my two tests, I certainly can beat most stages. UNLESS, that is, we get screwed on the lane difficulty. My gf a
  11. When placing a tower, there should be an on-screen tooltip for circle to cancel placement.
  12. In hero manager, Remove from Deck and Delete Hero should not be the same button press (square). Triangle is not used at all in the manager, so I'd say to put that for deleting a hero to keep it on its own button. Not a huge deal since you do provide a warning and countdown, I'd still prefer to keep it safe. Cannot create hero in private tavern.
  13. Just ran a couple tests: Siphon Site DStarting Mana from chest – 630 For all waves, fighting with Huntress standing on pipes tocover all 4 lanes without moving much Wave 1 Build per lane (4x) 2 Spike Blockades (wide lanes) 1 flameburst 1 frostbite1 flameburst covering stairs by chest next to East Causeway30 mana remainingEnd of wave – 323 mana (gain of 290)Wall by south corridor at 20% health (kobolds right out of the gate) Wave 2 Added per lane (4x) 1 earthshatter towerUpgraded 20% health wall to L2460 mana from chestAdded per lane (4x) 1 BallistaRepaired all walls
  14. Thanks, Smoke. I saw about the green mana bug so I do grab it before opening my one chest for the next wave. I've got a squire and apprentice I use for building (both at L20) and a huntress or monk (both at L19) for combat.
  15. It's with nearly every map that I've played. I've played every map up to the last two on Dragonreach. There is just enough mana gathered to get each wall to its next level (typically L4 max on each). Even with upgrading walls I still will oftentimes lose them during wave 5. I'll play a few rounds poking at upping the towers instead. Seems that if I can only get 1 or 2 walls per lane upgraded per wave then that would lead me to believe I could only get 1 or 2 towers upgraded per lane as well, which from my experiences with DD1 doesn't bode well. My typical setup is a wall with 1 ea of: fire,
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