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    any new hero would be a wealcome ! PRIZIIII
  2. sorry for the repetitive post, guys. I know its kind of boring to repeat it and u guys are focusing on new content, but will the gem mine be a monthly thing ? or it is for some special ocasions ? As I love DD2, I want to donate a little and the gem mine looks a pretty amazing deal. Sorry to bother u all again :3 Keep up the good work !
  3. Id love to see that. But, if im not wrong they are a small group and are focusing in fixing bugs and giving us new content to enjoy, so it would take TIME. But who know in the future :DDDDD
  4. its not the best quality ever, but i did my best and im really enjoying it.
  5. As tittle, i was trying to "renew" my gem mine today and it was not possible.
  6. So, someone told me that if u shoot the hanging skeletons wearing red hats with a roadsign staff (apprendice) u will get an animation. could someone pls confirm that ? i dont have this staff
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