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  1. On 11/27/2019 at 12:10 PM, Jaws_420 said:

    Yeah, the injustice of our inventory bag murder due to shard gilding was never accounted for or made right. Pages and pages and PAGES of shards... I have begged for either shard stacking (which coding wise cannot be done), partial shard upgrading, or more bags..,none of which of course ever happened. ūüė•

    Partial shard upgrading could be amazing lol

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  2. On 11/25/2019 at 4:28 PM, ExpoWasTaken said:

    Hello fellow defender,

    as requested.... No it cant be done. all you will have is this!

    I find it unlikely that they will introduce new storage options or allow the purchase of more bags than they already allow.

    It seems you are at a point where you need to decide what you really need to keep and what not.

    Personally I have nearly 1k hours play time and max bags and vaults and I have not had a problem with storage yet.. only keep shards that I will need gilded and mods that are decent.

    I have close to 2k hours in play time, 63 resets right now and this is been a problem bcuz I don't really want to upgrade my gear, so I'm saving it, have like 5 banks full of 10/10 mods, 2 full of guilded shards 1 full of rare pets that I don't want to sell or discard. And I still want to guild a lot of shards, that's prob why I'm having this little bag space.

    I'm the kind of collector player. So that's why I need more bags hahaa

    It can be done, but takes ages since I have to sell a lot of items and manage my bags every end of the map.


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  3. I know its a little off topic bcuz u guys are focusing hard in DDA.
    But could we pls get more bags for DDII ?
    MAN I LOVE THIS GAME, and im not quiting it with DDA like others. 

    Im playing it a lot and reseting loop right now, so im saving my 10/10 mods and shards im gilding. 

    I already have all bags and bank i can purchase and all is left to me is 19 slots, bcuz the rest is full :((((

    could i have a reaply at least, like: "No it cant be done. all you will have is this!", so i can cry alone in a corner ?????? hahahaha

  4. 11 hours ago, hailminion said:

    solo game, dd2. 90%'s solo anyway, except when trading xD

    For your topic, I'm not positive, but I thought there was a one-month wait time between gem mines? so if you got it on Feb. 11, which went on to March 11, mayb try again after April. 12th? again I'm not 100% sure, I just heard it from somewhere. 

    it used to be once per month, i got it like 3 or 4 months, max time i w8ted was like 10 days. but now its more than 1 month. maybe we wont get more :(

  5. 13 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Well, i pretty much play every map alone anyways, so not much change there LOL

    same lol 

    and i know about DD:A, ill sure have a look on it, but my true love is DD2, will still be my 80% focus in my "free time".

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  6. 1 minute ago, Exglint said:

    I don't know, after having a lot of time in Onslaught I feel like the amps have a perfectly fine drop rate. I did 13 resets and then used all the ones I had because I didn't think I was going to reset again. Then I got peer pressured into going to 58. At this point I had done the floor grinding thing and had 20. After going 14-58 I had 60 amps on just drops alone. Going for approximates reset 14-27 is about 20 floors per reset and 28-58 is all 30 floors per reset, which would equal about 1180 floors. Adding in the 45 resets I did plus 1180/15= 78 ish for doing floors, I would have had 183 c8 amps just for doing resets 13-58.

    This all took about 1.5 months to do, I think giving anymore would flood the system and make them no better than c6 amps in price. Also have to multiply that by however many players we have that do it and the game would drown in c8 amps. The reason they seem so rare is because everyone is doing the same thing imo. "Save c8 amps until you are done with resets, never sell them, never give them to a friend, hold onto them, lock them away in a deep dark place, pretend you're golem and they are the Ring of Sauron."

    It looks like they are super rare because you only ever see the drops you get but there are so many voices that never say anything because they have a bunch and see no problem with drops.

     I have to agree with Exglint, C8 amps drop rate looks fine for me, i have  like 34 sitting in the bank bcuz i dont have what to do with those. Already have 5 Relics full upgraded and i dont see the need of more right now.

  7. Id love to see some diferent Tower skins as well. like this:


    That was a fast drawing idea, but what i was thinking is:

    I would like to see tower skin that CHANGE the tower, put it to be more gems of course.

    the first too are some ideas of the flame tower.
    and i WOULD LOVE to see a super legendary tower skin for the apprentice.

    Flame thrower as a cute baby betsy throwing flames  :3

    Arcane Barrier as some kidn of dragon egg

    Frostbite tower as the a cute baby forst drake.

    and the Earthshatter as mayeb a future erath baby dragon ?! 

    i know its kind of HARD to make, it woult totally change the "base" tower.
    But for like far future. PLEASE TRENDY ? :3

  8. So, I saw some guys talking about steam dd2 packs sale, and this came to me:


    its saying Steam winter sales starts tomorrow :3
    I hope the dd2 packs go for sale, so i can get a lot of the new amazing flairs :3.

    Just taking advantage of this post, talking about flairs, have someone here win the trendy friday fun giveaway ? 

    I think i win it in the December 7th bcuz i saw my nickname there, and i didnt know what to do. So i maybe didnt get anything bcuz i didnt know what to do hahaha. Coudl someone help me out ? Thank u guys !

    W8ing for the sales !!!!!! *-*

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