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  1. as neoneo said, as soon as you have automation or tenacity its like another afk map. so go for it first and ignore the dragon latter.
  2. it used to be once per month, i got it like 3 or 4 months, max time i w8ted was like 10 days. but now its more than 1 month. maybe we wont get more :(
  3. same lol and i know about DD:A, ill sure have a look on it, but my true love is DD2, will still be my 80% focus in my "free time".
  4. So with DD:A we are not getting more gem mines for dd2 ? The last one i could get was from Feb/11
  5. ohh thank u, unfortunatelly too much for me :(
  6. how much is to get those ? i cant find it in the kickstarter
  7. I have to agree with Exglint, C8 amps drop rate looks fine for me, i have like 34 sitting in the bank bcuz i dont have what to do with those. Already have 5 Relics full upgraded and i dont see the need of more right now.
  8. im afraid of it too :3 Dont really want o grind 2 games, dont want to lose all my effort in dd2, my real money spent here and all i got so far to start all over again. i hope this game doesnt die :(((
  9. Are we getting an app to use the forum ? Would be pretty cool. my safari keep logging me off dunno why.
  10. not sure about the 10 seconds one, but i have one forever. and it does nothing but style ! maybe this 10 seconds one was from an event. but i didnt play in that time, so cant confirm.
  11. i also lost a 10/10 tenacity by my falt hahahah Sad but true. Was so focused in the magic number but i got the 10/10 in like 230, so i clicked NO. i have to laugh to not cry hahahah. And yes, pls trendo, givve us a auto reroll til a better/higher number comes. like if u have a 3 mod, it will reroll until u get a 4 or +.
  12. Id love to see some diferent Tower skins as well. like this: That was a fast drawing idea, but what i was thinking is: I would like to see tower skin that CHANGE the tower, put it to be more gems of course. the first too are some ideas of the flame tower. and i WOULD LOVE to see a super legendary tower skin for the apprentice. Flame thrower as a cute baby betsy throwing flames :3 Arcane Barrier as some kidn of dragon egg Frostbite tower as the a cute baby forst drake. and the Earthshatter as mayeb a future erath baby dragon ?! i know its kind of HARD to make, it woult totally change the "base" tower. But for like far future. PLEASE TRENDY ? :3
  13. I love to see that im not the only Flair/Costumes/Tower Skins Fan Here :3 Me like !!!!
  14. Thanks Guys !!!! gonna get to support
  15. Hey Defenders ! is there a way to make steam or even dd2send me an e-mail or some kind of notice when they releasea new dlc ? i would love to know this, like the gem mine, it doenst go on sale, so the sale notice wont work. thanks !
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