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  1. it used to be once per month, i got it like 3 or 4 months, max time i w8ted was like 10 days. but now its more than 1 month. maybe we wont get more :(
  2. same lol and i know about DD:A, ill sure have a look on it, but my true love is DD2, will still be my 80% focus in my "free time".
  3. So with DD:A we are not getting more gem mines for dd2 ? The last one i could get was from Feb/11
  4. ohh thank u, unfortunatelly too much for me :(
  5. how much is to get those ? i cant find it in the kickstarter
  6. I have to agree with Exglint, C8 amps drop rate looks fine for me, i have like 34 sitting in the bank bcuz i dont have what to do with those. Already have 5 Relics full upgraded and i dont see the need of more right now.
  7. im afraid of it too :3 Dont really want o grind 2 games, dont want to lose all my effort in dd2, my real money spent here and all i got so far to start all over again. i hope this game doesnt die :(((
  8. Are we getting an app to use the forum ? Would be pretty cool. my safari keep logging me off dunno why.
  9. not sure about the 10 seconds one, but i have one forever. and it does nothing but style ! maybe this 10 seconds one was from an event. but i didnt play in that time, so cant confirm.
  10. i also lost a 10/10 tenacity by my falt hahahah Sad but true. Was so focused in the magic number but i got the 10/10 in like 230, so i clicked NO. i have to laugh to not cry hahahah. And yes, pls trendo, givve us a auto reroll til a better/higher number comes. like if u have a 3 mod, it will reroll until u get a 4 or +.
  11. Id love to see some diferent Tower skins as well. like this: That was a fast drawing idea, but what i was thinking is: I would like to see tower skin that CHANGE the tower, put it to be more gems of course. the first too are some ideas of the flame tower. and i WOULD LOVE to see a super legendary tower skin for the apprentice. Flame thrower as a cute baby betsy throwing flames :3 Arcane Barrier as some kidn of dragon egg Frostbite tower as the a cute baby forst drake. and the Earthshatter as mayeb a future erath baby dragon ?! i know its kind of HARD to make, it woult totally change the "base" tower. But for like far future. PLEASE TRENDY ? :3
  12. I love to see that im not the only Flair/Costumes/Tower Skins Fan Here :3 Me like !!!!
  13. Thanks Guys !!!! gonna get to support
  14. Hey Defenders ! is there a way to make steam or even dd2send me an e-mail or some kind of notice when they releasea new dlc ? i would love to know this, like the gem mine, it doenst go on sale, so the sale notice wont work. thanks !
  15. OHHHHH, thank u, so i just need to farm the secondary status i want now. not the perfect atk speed, thank u !!!
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