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  1. I finally got around to trying out the assault mission pack. Alot of people are playing these all the time and since I had nothing better to do I figured I would try the stuff I bought xD. The origional assault mission had little interest to me because of the reward, but the new ones haz rainbow unicorn. Anyway after trying it out I got so say I found it to be just a rush to destroy everything without stepping on as many traps as possible. How come in regular mode we have hordes of monsters coming to our crystal and they have no time limit, but we have to rush as fast as possible to destro
  2. Got to utalize stances, back when I used barb for pvp I had to constantly use lightning stance to stop the monks from jumping around. With practice and sneaky tactics they can be brought down. Monks in general are op in PVP because of hero boost but there are ways to take them down. Currently my EV can take out anything in seconds with proton blast doing 7.6mil dps. Just got to sneak up on them >=D
  3. whatever i made this post so peopole would take notice. I can only hope they do the right thing and boot people with it and also not buy it. I don't argue on the forums and I don't care for your banter
  4. also. there is a bad dd gltich that sometimes happens when ur in some1s tavern, as its happend to me someone joins and lags out. then all your tavern items become copid on their tavern floor but you dont lose anything. i had some1 show me this and we reported it because its unjust. i think your just upset because u bought a hacked set since i noticed u were naked in our last game. no i noticed because people in pvp have 90% resist and it makes me mad. I am naked in pvp games because with my gear i get booted so i dont use it. I think you just know that it is hacked and are trying to put
  5. heres the flaw in your arguement. 1. i do not claim i am =P 2. all end game gear will have god damn near same stats because thats what people want., 3. u up past cap on res because new shard means new difficulty means lower res. means time to conpensate. Well I gues that is you, my argument still stands because mr proof of the armor does not show stats that are close but exact same stats on the armor compare it, they are the exact same in every stat, even if the origional was not hacked they are copies of the same exact armor set. THE FACT THAT SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME ARMOR IS PR
  6. Finally can confirm it i found it again on someone else: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033652366/screenshot/542929606069220864/?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033652366/screenshot/542929606069236322/?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033652366/screenshot/542929606069239719/?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033652366/screenshot/542929606069231340/?tab=public So this proves it if you see these armor on people report it. Worn by some guys char named Zezima who claims to be richest person in DD
  7. Love the double xp for pets idea. The others are kind of unneeded buffs. Just my opinion.
  8. Yes however when there are multiple copies of this exact same armor sets that people have, that means that hacking was involved.
  9. No this is no longer the case... the common map now is magus quarters =P
  10. Yeah that is what I mean, I was hoping for someone to give their screens to confirm that the armor are the same. Anyone find armor exactly like this yet?
  11. This would not be so good though if all the classes had 2 weapons because the barbarian has no towers so it is ok but if you get huntress to have 2 weapons her traps would be super over powered. The same goes with all other builders. EV is special in her towers are already not great unless put together with other class towers. As for the barbarian left and right weapons, the block would be pretty sweet.
  12. Yes I know it is hacked but the reason for the post is to see if anyone else has seen these same sets of armor on someone else because I have seen exact same game in ranked on mutliple people.
  13. Oh im sorry i meant 680 and it is not that people are reaching the cap it is that the armor is hacked and i have seen many people iwth the exact same stats on this hacked set of supreme armor like the negatives are the exact same on the peices with the ecaxt same numbers it is a hacked supreme set that has been going around I know when stuff is legit. I took screenshots of the armor and posted it in the first post.
  14. [QUOTE=Alhanalem; or strip all your gear and play naked.[/QUOTE] =O My god why did I not think of this b4
  15. i hate pvp,this is more of a teamwork game,trendynet adding pvp was a mistake what about it do you hate? I think that pvp in this game has so much potential.
  16. I don't because PvP (in this game) is lame for all the stated reasons. I'm ok with that; I'd rather Trendy keep on doing what they are doing and not concern themselves with PvP. So then what happens when you get all the achievments and the best gear and pets for all your chars? Just stop playing? Or will you be taking breaks in between the new DLC? I for one need PVP because in the end-game I don't want to be afk for hours in survival...
  17. So I have been seeing alot of people with the same supreme sets lately. I have started to notice that every stat on them are the same. People have these pristine supreme sets with around 330^ and the stats that they need at 680 such as hero dps sets have 680 health and damage and tower dps have 680 tower damage and rate. The sets also have 50 or 55% in generic dmg and 45% i think in resistance. I see many people with the same set around. It also has almost 2 stats in every peice -100 or around there. Has anyone else seen these? lol I feel like a bunch of people have the same hacked gear....
  18. Thanks for input but do yuo have suggestions of your own?
  19. Not even sure if summoners can pvp. Didn't seem like I could do anything except healing in that one pvp map and pets are disabled in there as well. Actually summoner mininos are very powerfull in pvp if you have 1k in minion health your minions have millions of hp
  20. Because PVP on this game isn't good! lol It's just a good teamwork game that's it! not PVP!! have you ever played PVP and not just the frostdale ones?
  21. Once again PVP is usually for end-game I don't think equipment is the issue. But lets make this hypothetical and say everyone who plays pvp has high end trans gear and supreme weapons, because lets face it a supreme set is rare. Once you have good gear people still don't play PVP. As OP said above he doesn't think they made characters with PVP in mind, but I think that PVP just goes hand in hand with being able to play survival. Instead of going up against hordes, one player is a horde if you understand me. The thing I want to know is why people aren't playing PVP instead of farming. Is farmin
  22. Yeah but a mythic set will be fine in PVP as long as you have goo resistance. It is alot of fun and has so much potential though. I feel like if people would put in their suggestions to trendy then it could become another half to the game like PVP is ment to be.
  23. Well like I said PVP is usually for end-game so people will have great gear. But if you think its unbalanced then suggest to trendy what should be changed, I really want to get PVP to become a thing now because we don't have much left of this game until Trendy takes a break after ES4 so I am trying to get the word around for people to start PVPing
  24. As many people get into the end-game I still notice that people are continuously running survival to get stoopid ammounts of mana and have stoopid amounts of high end gear they never use, as well as pets. Get into PVP already!
  25. Here is my PVP suggestion list. I have been playing pvp alot lately considering I as well as a lot of others are in the endgame stages. In most online games, or most that I have played anyway, the end-game thing to do is either farm for the best gear and be richest player in the game!(nah) or you can play PVP and have fun. Right now I feel like PVP has so much potential however its just not inviting to others. This list may possibly make it better so people will actually start playing again. 1. Have all defences placed by a player dissapear once he is dead. With this you can also have it so
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