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  1. This^ at least not upgraded and fully upgraded!!!!!!
  2. Great job with this patch!!! Crashing after crashing after crashing, crashing, crashing, CRAAAAAAAASHING..... OH WAIT NO MORE CRASHES on xbox :D awesome work can finally enjoy the game!!!!!!! Keep going the good work :D
  3. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with heavy grinding for a thing BUUUT the gap between the shards what u get and what u want is too big in each chaos tier Today I farmed from c3 to c5 for over 5hours and I only got 1 shroom, 1 crescent and 1 deadly strikes shards. Not a single tower specific shard for her. The others was only useless shards, mostly for abyss or initiate. That's what I meant is u get 95% of the time shards for classes u dont have/play! I don't want anything giftet or so but at least they shoud do it like with the chest on the end of the map, aka class specific loot. Increase the chance to get shards for the class u open it with it, or as others suggested shard crafting, this would make the grind less horrible as it is right now.
  4. I had never issues getting the right shards for the standard classes in short time. Then I thougt my first new class will be EV2 and I saved the shards for her, I had most shards in no time, got her last week and could immediatily start with her. Yesterday I decided to buy the dryad that I have all necessary builders. I played her around 2 1/2 hours and guess what not a single shard for her. Today I was farming around 40 shardpacks in c1 & c2 and guess what again not a single shard for my newly earned dryad!!! The RNG for shards is ridiculous. The thing is I wouldn't be so pissed of if I had not gotten all shards from all the other classes I don't have!!! Not a single useful shard!!!!! Remove the shards from the classpool we don't have!!!! Rant over.
  5. yea i have reinstalled the game, but it has not fixed it, sadly😢
  6. Hy so the actually player markets are annoying as hell! They refresh every second when ppl join the hub or leave and its very frustrating to watch the items cause u get every time kicked out of store. So we can use the war table to go to a specific market: weapons, amor etc but no one use this, they are always empty! My suggestion is, why not add some npc there where u can browse all of the server players shop and not only the 19 others of our hub, if there are 19 others in anyway. This would be such a Quol change and makes the markets way better and the empty space from war table has a use!!! Greetings R4GE
  7. I second this! We need a boss icon or a blue big dot on the map where the bos is!!! Mostly u see them when the crowd is dead. As Jaws said the little bomber dude is very hard to see.
  8. I have the same problem, can play normal but when u choose go to town the game freeze for 5 sec. and then goes to dashboard! Right now i'm delating and reinstall the game and see if this works, hopefully. XBOX1 EU
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