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  1. Can you please look into stopping people from abusing this function.

    I've gone into many games and earned my keep and been kicked from the game, just as there's a handful of enemies left, on wave 25, or just as i'm about to collect the chest upon completion.

    It's actually infuriating, and lots of people are doing it, and some are even kicking people as soon as they join a match. There's a solo mode and friends only option, if you don't want anyone joining.

    I've joined early on, or mid game in survival matches, and pulled my weight, saving many folk from doom, only to be booted before wave 25 ends or before I get the chest, yet these people happily accept the help, for several rounds. It's not an internet problem, as it happens to others too, and far too often on the last wave, so no coincidence there.

    In this case, the game should recognise that people have participated for several rounds and should be immune from kicking after completing a set number. If they haven't been kicked after 3-5 rounds, then the host obviously has no problem with the player.

    You can also disable the kick function until at least 30 seconds after a wave has finished, and completely disable it after wave 25 has started, along with all other functions that will remove a player on round 25, again, until at least 30 seconds after the round has ended, solving the problem.

    I'm absolutely fed up of doing survival, only to be kicked just as the wave is ending, or immediately after it has ended, as i'm heading to the chest.

    People abusing the function need to be punished IMO and banned for a few hours, a treatment they truly earn when they regularly boot people on the last wave, without good cause and purely to infuriate others out of spite.

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  2. @Jaws_420 quote:
    @Jester278 quote:

    Sorry for the mess, first time here and no idea why the pics aren't displaying. The post above mine doesn't show a picture either, but everyone else's post does.

    When in IMGUR, use the "direct link" web address, and then come here and click inside the DD2 forum text box, click on the picture icon above the text box, and then paste that address in the box that pops up. You should see the pic in your text box before you submit it. 

    NOTE - you can edit your post, so go back and see if you can fix it up. 

    Good luck!!!! 

    Thanks for the help, that's what I already did though and the result was my post, though it seems i'm not the only one having the problem by the looks of some posts..

  3. Here's a bunch, just for fun, because I was bored.












    And just in case they aren't showing, as I can't see the pics, here's the links.












    I hope you like them. Sorry for the mess, first time here and no idea why the pics aren't displaying. The post above mine doesn't show a picture either, but everyone else's post does.

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