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  1. Tried again on the weekend... still no dice. Any word on a fix?
  2. Whats a def rate ? ... its a trap, a myth, cake?
  3. Tried again on the weekend... still no dice.
  4. Ill run it again an check.... Yep... Still happening.
  5. Solo, stage 4, wait for wyvern to drop gem, pick up gem, kill Harbinger. *NO DICE* Tried Normal & Hard *NOPE melee or ranged * skills or normal attacks * STILL NOPE any thing i'm doing wrong? Gak.
  6. Too Right! =( good for some shop slots though...
  7. Was told today in chat that as a new player after completing all the Campaign & Adventures I should have received 600 gems, yet I only have 450?... I have redone all the Campaign & Adventure (solo as i did some with a friend the first time) to no avail ... Have I missed something? Cheers, GAK. Edit... Not that it matters too much... just don't want to waste any more time looking for something that doesn't exist!
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