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  1. So, what day does next week start? The 8th?
  2. If I assume correctly that those go by weeks of the month, we're in week 1, and I should be able to get the ice chip on a sword, correct?
  3. As the title says; I'm looking to figure out what weapons are in the current rotation as I'm trying to find a Barbarian sword with an ice chip on it (C7, Medium, 17K secondary hero health), and I was told it can only be found in Drakenfrost Keep, and no clue if that's true or not as I found a sword that had the ice chip on it on a non-frost map. Anyway, I was grinding Drakenfrost keep and could not find a single weapon with the ice chip on it. No clue if it was just downright unlucky or that I'm grinding the wrong maps, and/or the weapon is not in the current rotation. If you know anything abo
  4. Yea, that won't happen. I've opened like 120+ C4 shard packs in the last week, and haven't gotten 1 Defense Rate nor a Draining Strikes for the Barbarian... NOT. EVEN. ONE! And if this would have been implemented, I guarantee I would have opened 300+ as I had a 26 win streak or something like that going for me. You have to think, this game is free, they have to keep some things grindy so they can make money somewhere, and making it so you can just get that many shard packs would make the shard packs in the store useless to buy. My friend and I grinded 9 hours for 1 Defense Rate shard as that's
  5. Do you have a screenshot of this issue? Your hero deck + the Monk problem.
  6. I've noticed it since around 2 years ago, so I hope it wouldn't be a bug :)
  7. Hatched that way, I'm pretty sure. I was told you cannot have duplicate stats from a re-roll.
  8. On some of my pets, there are duplicate stats like ´╗┐´╗┐this or this. With those stats, do both of them combine into 1 stat? For the first one, would it be 345 x2? So, 690? Or is it just a sort of placeholder, making the actual stat be 345? And when re-rolling these stats, since both of the stats are the exact same, when I go to re-roll the stat on that pet, it only gives me the option to re-roll 1 stats (defense power in this case) rather than having it allow me to re-roll the other stat, like in this case. Any insight on this would be useful as I've had that question for awhile, and haven't se
  9. Oh, you only had you helmet taken off? Try having it get removed from your inventory.... After a C7 match, I went back to my tavern, and my helmet was gone; all chips, gold, everything put into it, gone.
  10. The game has bad memory issues that they seem to not want to fix. It's been in here for awhile. It's also the reason as to why when you play longer, the worse the performance gets.
  11. So, before I spend anymore of my coins, is it possible to roll 2 of the same stats on a pet? I have other pets with 2 of the exact same stats (258 defense health), but I don't remember rolling those. I've already spent 60k, and I don't want to waste anymore of my coins unless I know it's possible. I'm trying to roll a defense power stat. regards, Hulky!
  12. I mean this; Hold ctrl + click, and select all items to be moved, locked, sold, etc. instead of doing it 1 by 1.
  13. Before posting this thread, I searched this forum to see if this was an already covered/fixed topic, and to my surprise, there's only 2 posts (that I see) that have talked about this issue, and they were in 2017, and still isn't an option. Is this something to be added or is it already in the game, and I'm just blindly overlooking it? Oh, and when I press down the shift key it put numbers next to my items. What does that mean? Thanks! regards, Hulky!
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