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  1. I highly doubt they will, shard packs for crystal most likely represent a portion of their earnings since some people just want to buy their way to shards.
  2. Had Trendy not brought in protean and allowed us to choose our maps, and the MODs system, I would have agreed with the initial sentiment but not now. Protean was good, it did give us something to do but it was essentially ignoring the core problem of the game, that is there's nothing to do. Even more so, it just made the game easier. Customization was good, but there was basically no content to spend your upgrade gear on. Increased loot for 4 players has boosted multiplayer greatly. Agreed. Ascension and Ancient Power give many a method to draw out the content, yes a lot of it is repetitious, but which grind type game isn't. Ascension grind is a valid mechanic, ancient power is lacking and needs to be revamped. If players want something to grind, they should use this. The person above wanted shards to stay the way they are because of the grind, which is stupid because everyone else who needs shards have to suffer for it. Steam numbers are ok but I cant see Xbox or PS4 numbers The Onslaught revamp is coming and is needed, mechanism to bring in a quicker climb back up to your highest floor would be good, even if it is jumps of 10 only it would be better. Allowing cross play between floor pushers and resetters, I know Trendy are shying away from power levelling but DD1 had it and that was and is still doing well. Allowing a quicker way to floor 80 as it is currently will allow many the potential access to the better mods and C8 amps, at the moment the upper level of the game is very heavily gated for a FTP. So in conclusion Trendy have improved things, there have been bumps along the way but its in the best state since Trials came out, expeditions is far far far better. Nothing to say here, all would be improvements I would agree with.
  3. Not trying to be negative, simply just addressed his counterpoints built on false premises. He said I should offer constructive feedback, and I did yet he has nothing to say about it. It´s becoming an argument for the arguments sake. You guys are not seeing it from the other guys perspective. It´s not that difficult to see this case from both sides actually. His argument has consisted of something I haven't said or something hes failed to read or misinterpreted. The essence of his viewpoint is, 'well I like it this way'. I can clearly see if someone is a patient player and likes to grind. BUT, you cannot model a game's design from his perspective alone. It's absurd, I mean just look at the comments posted on steam,reddit and these forums. There may be some people who do enjoy but others don't. Yes, you cannot please everyone but there comes a point where the majority outvoices the minority and something as small like shards dropping for heroes you don't own makes ZERO sense from player's perspective.
  4. Not trying to be negative, simply just addressed his counterpoints built on false premises. He said I should offer constructive feedback, and I did yet he has nothing to say about it.
  5. A map takes me 5 to six minutes to complete, from building to opening the chest. I understand your frustrations, yet you attack a game in which I support, in a public forum (in which your arguments are poorly framed). Come up with viable solutions, and if you cannot then go to another game. I have no problem with the RNG system; I am patient. You want it "here and now." I brought up PS4's population because, whenever I do get in to a lobby they are almost at 20/20, or I am the 20th. I've not ever seen the HUB be so full so often. I do not want to type about this anymore. Until the next individual comes along with a sincere affront towards any game in which I have appreciation; peace. You cannot finish a map in 5 mins, that actually impossible from the speed of mobs spawn. Could you explain how my arguments are poorly framed? I highlight then problem then I give evidence of player feedback and I offer a solution? It seems like your the one who fails to create any argument at all because all this time you've been aggressive, failed to read what I've said or comprehend it and you end up strawmaning. Heck, you even said that you only accept facts then you said you don't accept numbers? Which was weird because the first post is a link to steam reviews you can read yourself. I even came up with viable solutions for only you to ignore or say nothing about them, what do you want exactly? Moreover, you failed to read anything I said and I've had to either repeat myself a number of times because you strawmaned so hard or you just failed to look at any of the evidence I've posted or read anything said in my original post. I never said I wanted them now, I just highlighted how the shards droppings for heroes you don't own is absurd. I've seen lobbies full too when protean update launched, so what?
  6. Ionly, here you go. I used to give constructive feedback whenever players would have issues, yet it does lead to an argument. I don't argue with people that are behind a keyboard; it's pointless and there is no sense of accountability. 1. The title of this post is loaded with negative connotation. I do not give constructive feedback to such disparagement. 2. Throughout your post you have phrases such as; "latest update seems pretty boring..", "haven't even bothered coming back once I heard about the vault", "profits made by Trendy are not even available to us", "they could be making a fortune while we do not have much fun", "problem within the game that drive players away", "shards- still a problem", "shard gilding-great way to upgrade your shards and make them stonger - nope", "which is even more disheartening to hear", "no incentive to play", "farming- extremely boring", "it become uninteresting to touch this game", "doesn't seem to be very sustainable from a player's perspective", "lot of little problems slowly killing the game." ............your incredibly opinion-based post goes on based off of your perspective. You continue to debase the game according to your experience. "Well I"...hey, I don't care. Any player who chooses to go into a forum, designed by the team that made the game, should respect the Developers. This was a disrespectful post; I came at you. I have said that I have seen this negative attitude a thousand times and I am tired of it. You need to take a long break from the game, then come back later. Now let's get to your issues. What's wrong with my phrase if they're the truth? It's not my own words either, a lot of players feel this way. My opinion isn't based on my perspective alone, if you read my post, a lot of what I said is mirrored on steam reviews and the forums. What am I saying that is disrespectful? Could you tell me? I'm simply stating how I feel about the game. If I truly wanted to disrespect the developers I would attack them and not offer any solutiosn to the problems plaguing the game. 3. Shards - I will throw in another one of your ridiculous posts. Why is it ridiculous? Because all you are doing is griping. You give nothing for the Developers to hold on to and ponder. You're upset that shards drop for heroes you don't own? Let's say Trendy changes this, due to the conviction that occurs within their hearts based off of your constructive post. Now, shards only drop for heroes you own. What half of this community then does is Store excess gear in the bank, delete all heroes and farm C1 - C7 for whichever hero they left, get all of the shards they want for that hero, then, create the next hero, do the same again. Easy to do as it takes one C7 map to get a hero to level 50, and the ascension/AP points are tied to your account. You had a really long idea about shards, and there is the work-a-round that would get you all of the shards you need for all heroes within four days, or depending how long you choose to play. RNG allows a bit of a challenge, or thrill-seek. Trendy has only made it where you don't get everything all at once. Games that give players everything up front have a short shelf-life/provide no challenge. Giiding was an added boon for players. You're acting as if it's mandatory that players be able to gild in a short amount of time. If you are wanting your shards in four days, then you are asking for the game to become easier. There is a type of reward that is within RNG whenever you do end up getting what you need. Your idea takes this reward away. I needed four of one shard to gild it, I missed it by over 180 shard drops, then got all four in one run. This is disheartening, but I didn't give up. Getting shards is and is not a hassle. Your entire point is built on a false premise. I never said shards should drop for heroes within your DECK, I said they should drop for heroes you OWN. For instance, if I am a free to play player, then I would own 4 out of 13 heroes. That means I would get a chance to get a shard for any of those 4 heroes. The fact that a free to player has the chance to get a drop for 8 other heroes they may never buy is absurd. Obviously, if it was based on deck, you could manipulate the drop rates in your favor. Anyone could see that hence I did not say deck. Okay, I just want to make this clear, RNG does not equal challenge. Can you tell me where the challenge is if I'm chaos 7 gear afking maps in chaos 1 for destruction? Gliding is a feature within the game that is poorly designed. It is not mandatory but based on the fact is it extremely difficult for players to utilize, highlights its flaws. You honestly don't see anything wrong with 180 shards and not getting anything? 180 shards - 3 per game, meaning you play 60 maps. On average a map takes 10 to 15 mins to complete. So you played for 10 hours, assuming you got consecutive wins and you got nothing to show for it? Any reasonable person would think this is a bit excessive. 4. Trendy's finances - insinuating their profits based off of feelings should get your face kicked off of these boards, but it won't. You are attacking the nature of the company. Again, I've seen players do this to various companies over the years, and it has always been players that share the same mentality, and it has not once, ever, helped a game improve on either its loot system, or mechanics. So talking about their motivations with profits should get me kicked off the board, but talking extremely negative and being the aggressor is perfectly okay? 5. You created a post based off of your feelings, and not facts. I don't care about the numbers. What I do know is that this games population has greatly increased since I've been gone, and I'm having a great time with it. Posts like this DO NOT HELP create a better game. I don't quite understand you. Numbers are facts, are you ignoring numbers because you don't agree with them or another reason. While my post is somewhat feeling based. You cannot deny the fact that these issues have been talked about for a very long time. Since you went to far enough to say that my opinion is based on feeling alone despite the fact that I linked steam reviews you can read yourself. I've spent some time compiling comments from a number of sources mirroring what I say. I'm not sure if you're going to read it since you couldn't comprehend my first post. https://imgur.com/a/7BTBvgF but I really suggest you to read this. I mean after seeing all those comments, you have to ask yourself if what I am saying is based on feeling or what is objectively wrong with the game. There is no way around this. 6. I am not going to stand for players to try and derail the efforts of game-makers any longer. If this happens in CoD4, I'll be right on that person. Players that gripe about the development of a game are often talking about things that they don't understand, or haven't thought out, in this case shards come to me as an immediate example. Actually, I have thought about shards, hence why your counterpoint was based on a false premise that I did not say. 7. You asked, "so what you're saying is that Trendy should only listen to positive comments and not comments about issues players are having, correct?" Your post was not you merely listing issues, it was you griping about them, as if the Trendy team is a group of robots, as opposed to being humans with creative minds that have a desire to make a quality product. If they truly did have the desire to make a quality product they would maybe change certain things about that people have complained about for months. Your post is offensive. It matters not to me if my post is offensive, as it is a direct response to your "I need to make my feelings public" type post, which again, never help a game get better. Yeah, I guess two wrongs make a right? 8. Too many people are asking for this to become easier, and that to become easier, and this or that to be simpler. It would be.....if you just played a different game. If you've noticed, the people that have a hand in making the game are designing difficulties and trying to come up with overall balances. This process is not easy. If everyone posted like you and Trendy adhered to all of the posts, the game would be getting nowhere. I never said for this game to be easier. Did you even read my post? I'm semi afking/afking all content. Shard drop rates would not change this, heck it would only make it more convenient for players for them to try new builds and mastery mode. Know what else is wrong? The fact that mastery mode relies on you to have more than a dozen defences you can use to meet the requirements. More than that, for those defences to become viable you need to have shards for them to work. You finally comment your constructive feedback after what? Like 10 posts when I counter everything you say? All you've done up until this point is call me negative and strawman. Jose and Lawita are irrelevant in this argument. I am sure they are extremely nice people, I've seen Lawita within this community be very kind towards players and address issues. But that doesn't negate the fact that there are still issues within this game. 10. The day has come where posts like this need to cease for all developers. Be constructive. Present problem, pose a solution, and pose potential problems with said solution. Repeat this process until you find that one solution that is fail-safe. Otherwise, don't gripe in public forums. Do steam numbers reflect Xbox and PS4 usage? This I really do not know. If they do not, then you are really biased and the first half of your post should be omitted. Servers that I get on with PS4 often boot me to the main screen because of over-population, and this has not happened before. PS4's population is growing. I present solutions only for you to strawman me or completely ignore it with no counterpoint. Obviously, steam numbers do not reflect xbox or PS4 numbers because its obviously for steam. Your example is an anecdote with no facts to back it up. Just because you get booted from a ps4 server doesn't mean its population is growing. Consoles generally have a smaller player base for communities that originated on steam. Secondly, you could have gotten booted because the population is smaller on ps4 hence why when the update comes there may be more players than originally planned so the servers have less capacity to account for players.
  7. If anything I would like this to be discussed more, the fact that one person can come in and ruin almost everything is quite annoying. Just look at the tone of this person from the minute he posted. From that fact alone this thread is going to get locked. I just want answers. Some of your points are valid and I would agree with them. But usually this kind of argument like with Archaic usually gets locked as it gets nowhere unlike (for eg.) A dryad/hyper shard nerf. That thread does have an argument similar to this (though not extreme to the point where Archaic going anti-"naysaying") but that is a hot topic as that affects quite a number of players in this board unlike this subject. If you think my tone was offensive, my apologies, that was never my intention. I might have worded it wrongly. Actually, your tone was perfectly valid and I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way you worded it. You acknowledge that some of my points are valid and you may have a different opinion and I respect that. However, the point that you highlight - that these threads usually get nowhere because of a certain user - is a valid reason to why these forums should be moderated differently. The fact that he can come in and cause negativity and offer no counterpoints, only for a mod to come in and lock it. Really does kill any discussion on this forum. If anything he should be warned for his attitude.
  8. If anything I would like this to be discussed more, the fact that one person can come in and ruin almost everything is quite annoying. Just look at the tone of this person from the minute he posted. From that fact alone this thread is going to get locked. I just want answers.
  9. So your only counterpoint is not to purchase it? How is this a counterpoint at all? You've failed to address almost anything I've said. 'Just dust what you don't use', what if I'm a new player still deciding how many shards I need to save or if I want to try new builds? What about shards drop rates? 'Just don't purchase' Don't purchase vaults? How about the fact that game literally corners you into the position in where you have to buy extra space or your gameplay experience is ruined from inventory management? I even addressed this in my first post. With no filter system and about 5 bags, You're going to spend a lot of time managing your inventory instead of playing the game. You even heard the outcry over using money for the vaults. This wasn't even communicated to the players. Even in the steam reviews, the same thoughts are mirrored. You still have yet to tell me what constitutes constructive criticisms. You just said I sound negative, pointing out the flaws within a game is negative?. What would be constructive criticism here then? I already gave you some options for shifting the focus from paying features to cosmetics. I already said they could just fix the shard drop rate problem, it isn't hard. Whatever else you said, your posts was a whine and you're crying out plain and simple looking for people to cry with you. You're creating negativity. Trendy is working on stuff now. I brought up being a moderator to let players like you know that I've seen this a thousand times before. I care NOT AT ALL what you think of me. You are a complainer, a naysayer. Trying to get negative support feedback. You're not trying to improve the game. You're trying to defame it.Again, you failed to read my message. Saying Trendy is working on stuff now isn't an argument. I have already said these are problems that have plagued the game for months yet nothing is done. So I will repeat myself again. If there are a number of people on the forums and on steam reviews complaining about a certain feature, you have to ask yourself, is this enjoyable for the player or are we making enough money for this to sustain ourselves in the future? Me trying to defame the game? Do you honestly think if someone was going to try to defame a game, they would do it on the board where the devs have the power to remove it? And even if I wanted to defame it, would I go to the trouble in coming up with a number of points and solutions? The fact that I'm coming up with solutions already means im being constructive, that's criticism in itself. Just because an opinion being voiced isn't liked by you, doesn't mean its negative and not criticism. Henceforth, I'm going to come after you guys. Cursing everyone out? What cuss words did I use? Just two of you, but that's everyone? Don't come here to whine. I brought up streaming to let you know that I am going to flamboyantly be using message-board naysayers as subject material....and Ionlyplaydryad, I can hardly wait. When you come in here being extremely hostile towards people in the thread, you're being more negative than me. People actually have to scroll down and read your comments. For what its worth, you're creating more negativity than me. From that alone, I believe this thread is going to be locked because of you. All you did here was whine. I am tired of people like you being a part of games that I participate in. I will be silent no more. This type of posting has NEVER helped games get better. I mean if you do not like people talking about the flaws within a game, then I believe you should stay off the forums. People generally want to see games do good and offer their viewpoint to the problems being faced. If you're a moderater and you think this constitutes negativity within a forum playground while you're unironically being negative yourself, then I would be quite worried for the forum you're moderating. Again, this comment has no foundation unless you state what constructive criticism is. All you said was my post was negative. All I did was highlight problems within the game and offered some solutions. Can you tell me why it is not constructive criticism if I'm willing to acknowledge within the post I like the game and just wish for tedious features to be fixed?
  10. Can you tell me what constitutes constructive in your eyes then? Because you're unironically being extremely immature when you come in here swearing at everyone and saying we're just being negative offering no counterpoints, at most one with poor foundation. When I clearly addressed that in the previous post. Do you lack an understanding of what I'm posting? Your stream is irrelevant, not sure why you even mentioned it. I'm still on the boards as a Moderator for a different PS4 game and heard so much negative banter, indicative of a young, brave warrior behind a keyboard. I've had enough. Again, on a friday-fun stream they should just leave "peace" on the screen the entire day and leave it at that. I'm still on the boards as a Moderator for a different PS4 game and heard so much negative banter, indicative of a young, brave warrior behind a keyboard. I've had enough. Again, on a friday-fun stream they should just leave "peace" on the screen the entire day and leave it at that So you moderate another board and state your hate for 'brave warriors behind a keyboard' yet here you are, coming in and swearing at people expressing an opinion who have no hostility towards you. What's your problem? You take the time out to post extensive, opinion-based negativity about a game, in a forum, where everybody plays said game, and you expect those that appreciate the game to be silent. No more, person. Your rights, and anyone else who seeks to be negative on DD2 forums, should have their rights to play revoked. You won't, your're lucky, be grateful; but, you should. You take the time out to post extensive, opinion-based negativity about a game, in a forum, where everybody plays said game, and you expect those that appreciate the game to be silent. No more, person. Your rights, and anyone else who seeks to be negative on DD2 forums, should have their rights to play revoked. You won't, your're lucky, be grateful; but, you should.  So highlighting the problems with a game is now negative, is it? Is this forum only to moderated only to included positive posts? So what you're saying is that Trendy should only listen to positive comments and not comments about issues players are having, correct? My opinion is wildly supported by everyone already through past posts and reviews on steam. if you have an answer to why as I'm wrong then voice your opinion. Your only answer now is that they are fixing the game, but I've debunked that. Shard problems, difficulty problems and inventory problems. How long do they need to fix these issues? Or do you think they know of these issues and just want cash grabs. Just look at the vault. You're literally 1500 ascension on ps4 and you don't actually think they know what they are doing at this point with the development of the game? Seriously with 1500 ascension, you should have a crap ton of shards yet you don't see any problem with the way gilded shards clog up your storage? So not only have you contradicted yourself, you actually believe there is nothing wrong with what you're saying. Furthermore, you think those who express a negative opinion - an opinion that clearly highlights the problems associated with the game and recommendations to improve the quality of the game - should be banned from playing the game? That actually sounds great, Trendy should just start banning players who have a problem with their game. Sounds like a great business model. It's honestly at this point I can't tell if you're even trolling or not. As someone who has 250+ posts on this forum you know what goes on already here.
  11. If this is how you're going to reply in further posts, then I'm going to ignore you ( Because it seems like you've failed to read or take in anything ) and judging by the replies you've posted, it doesn't seem like you're interested in doing so. For 1, they are not open about all their changes, see the cost for vault update. Nor do they talk to us about why there are specific reasons for why the system is the way it is. I do understand they heavily communicate with the players here but they are quiet about some issues for a reason (hint $). Two, there comes a point where we have to ask what is my liking and what is healthy for the game? If there are a number of people on the forums and on steam reviews complaining about a certain feature, you have to ask yourself, is this enjoyable for the player or are we making enough money for this to sustain ourselves in the future? Three, I cannot make a game and just because I can't, doesn't negate my ability to criticise a game or talk about the problems plaguing it. Excluding the protean problems, these issues have been in the game since chaos was released. It does not take a genius to figure this out. Where's my feedback? I gave it already, did you read my post? Just look at tower skins. Are towers one of the things you look at the most in the game yet there's only 1 skin of them for about every hero? It feels like a missed opportunity for them to make money, you could make a similar model and just focused purely on cosmetics. Another one, the shard system feels extreme clugish for players yet you know why they haven't talked about this or fixed it? Guess how much shard packs cost? Guess how you could fix it? Just make it so shards only drop for heroes you own. But you know why they haven't done something so simple? Take another guess at the model of this. Free to play. Certain features are designed so you spend money on their game instead of a Pay to play model. There's nothing wrong with this model but when it heavily affects the gameplay is when you will see players leave. I am grateful for this game, I have more hours than the average player. I want this game to succeed. Of course from your point of view, you may think I'm extremely negative but I want these problems to be fixed. If you're a player yourself you would understand my post sounds like a broken record. Why? Because you're on the leaderboards on ps4 yet you don't see anything in what I'm speaking about? The question here is whether or not you find the problems with this game enjoyable enough to keep playing.
  12. Let's face it, the protean update was great but the numbers are very very different in terms of growth for the player base. https://steamcharts.com/app/236110 It looked great in the last few months but it's slowly going back to the numbers before protean was released, . Latest update seems pretty boring, I haven't even bothered coming back once I found out about the vault. Of course, the profits made by Trendy are not available to us so they could be making a fortune while we do not really have that much fun. But there a number of problems within the game that I see drive a lot of players away. Shards - Still a problem, players are still getting drops from heroes they don't own. What's the reasoning for this? (Obviously shard packs) But when your game has a number of heroes with unique defences and the only way you can make them viable with different shards, it limits a lot of the game. 'Just shift your shards around' Doesn't apply when you're using multiple defences and when your not, shifting shards around is extremely tedious. Game tried to fix it by giving you shard bonuses for consecutive wins. Great, but now I gotta play maps consecutively which is already boring itself - when I can afk them -to trigger the bonus. Shard dusting? It's pretty much useless, you trade in 10 shards you can't use only to dip your hand in to potentially get another shard you can't use. Are shard drop rates even equal? I've heard from people say they're equal but I really don't believe it myself at this point to be honest. Another thing - Hero deck, limited to 4 heroes when this game is best when you're mix and matching defences. Vault - Paying for more space. The game doesn't have the filter system, items only stack up to 99, shards don't stack, limited free scape. Also, shard gliding, a great way to upgrade your shards and make them stronger, nope you can't add them slowly to upgrade, you have to do all 10 at once. It's basically telling you to spend money or the majority of gameplay will be inventory management simulator, this doesn't even apply to armour/relics/weapons which is even more disheartening to hear. Difficulty - Protean made it way easier, but even then the game was pretty easy pre chaos 7 (onslaught debatable). All Chaos and onslaught levels afkable or semi afkable. The only progression or difficulty I've felt in the last year of this game was progressing through Chaos tiers. Moreover, on that, there's currently no incentive to play. Unless you want to grind, but why grind when you can already AFK everything? Honestly, the hardest thing in the last year or so is trying to spawn kill a boss that reflects your attacks and hoping your own dot doesn't kill you. Farming - Extremely boring, I'm sorry but when you lock items behind lower tier level chaos floors that can be afked by 99% of those in higher levels. It becomes very uninteresting to touch this game. I'm fine with trying to grind deadly strikes, but when I have to sit in Chaos 3 and basically press g every 2 mins or check about every 30 seconds to see if a siege roller made it through, only to get shards I can't even use. I bought a protean weapon and wanted to level it up to Chaos 7. I went on to farm motes, sounds fun right? It was problably the most boring thing I've done, afking waves and hoping the game drops them for you while you just constantly alt tab to watch a movie. It becomes very boring, interactive and disheartening to play. 'Well it's a free to play game', true but some players did pay for the game originally. And it is true Trendy needs a method of making money. I don't have the numbers, maybe Trendy is making a fortune with this method but it doesn't seem very sustainable from a player's perspective. Maybe they could focus more on skins like other games (League of legends, for example, is all cosmetics - yes its a different genre). I feel like they could make it a lot more enjoyable if they focused on grabbing more players rather then introducing more methods of making money. For instance release more heroes, skins (heard they're doing this), and tower skins (more tower skins would be great, I don't really like any of the ones currently in game, there's a glowly one for skyguard which looks pretty ugly in my opinion, I would like more variety). From my point of view, there are a lot of little problems that are slowly killing this game. Just look at pass steam reviews, https://store.steampowered.com/app/236110/Dungeon_Defenders_II/#app_reviews_hash. It's mixed and if you look at the dates of the past reviews, a lot of people are complaining about features that straight out just make it tedious or boring to play. These complaints are also from players who have over 100 hours as well. This isn't even limited to steam reviews, on the forums the exact same opinions are echoed. And it's not even in the last 3 months, from last year as well. Honestly, at this point, it just feels like these problems are known but are not addressed and the game is slowly going to die. Maybe you'll see an update in the future that brings back a few hundred players only for them to leave when the same problems that plague the game are still not fixed. Maybe I'm just an ignorant player that knows nothing about marketing or game design and maybe Trendy is making a fool out of us and making a fortune while we all complain on the forums, only to come back each update and spend money on a feature for us to play.
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