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  1. All I would like to know is what weapons he drops I don’t need to know the passives just if he has a polarm or a staff.
  2. I have the EV2, abyss lord, and the dryad. What character should I get next Please give pros for your character.
  3. A tome drops just like any other weapon The abyss lord works just like the four og characters
  4. It is all about shards, mods, and ascension The best person to watch is a YouTuber called mr juicebags he does tower spotlights and they will really help you.
  5. Support enemies are as followes Geodes (pink floating shield guys) Witherbeasts (the burrowing guys) Mages (the guys rideing books and summon skeletons)
  6. I would recommend poison dart towers because the are the highest damaging towers in the game the reason they are so good is they do physical damage along with poison damage so with a nice medallion.
  7. Abyss lord has some really good towers but lacks in dps. EV2 has some good dps and abilities I would recommend the abyss lord because he also has some good crowd control
  8. The dryad has good towers and dps but her abilities do do that much damage The EV2 has one of the best abilities in the game and she has high dps but only one or two of her towers are good.
  9. I started this forum a couple of days ago to get a little help and I have seen most people aren’t junior defenders how do I become a higher tier/level.
  10. How do you become a thing higher then a junior defender?
  11. I’m not here to destroy it either I didn’t even know it was being destroyed, I just realized this community forum was a thing yesterday while I was doing reaserch. I will use that section more, I didn’t even know that was a thing so thank you. 😁
  12. I’m not here to be mean I’m just here to help or get help. Thanks 😀 Btw I do reaserch but I like to hear what others use so I can use both facts and opinions to make a good build. I play this game everyday so it is nice to hear what others like so I can take on a new perspective.
  13. It is in the inclusion and it is the demon boss that you have to shoot rock at.
  14. I just play three demon lair games and failed the first two because none of my attacks would do damage. The only attack that worked was the EV2’s beam ability that can pierce and it would only work on the bosses head, is it supposed to be like that?
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