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  1. As title says. I would say add me in game but steam name converted into game is just tons of ascii. Leave me a message on here please with a price, thanks.
  2. Make it like other special towers, upgradable and movable without having to sell it each time? I feel this would make her more useful is most situations where you can quickbuild it like her Obelisk. Thoughts?
  3. As said above, I have been farming c7 for mods and perfect relics for each hero specific tower I am using. This has helped a lot as I now have 90% of them as c7 mods yellow or above, which is great. Apart from the downscaling. Thank you for the idea of looking for ones of similar builds, I will be doing this!
  4. So I've been a big fan of Dd since the first days of the first game, love them both. No I've got about 300 hour sinto DD2 and nearly maxed mods on my maxed out c7 relics I decided to try msatery to be welcomed with some over the top downscaling, not allowing my PDT's to even kill a single flyer, and auras/towers struggling to do there job. Bareing in mind I have amazing relics/mods/shards with each. Each hero built for each tower in respects to accendency. I've come to these forums in hope of any upcoming changes to this system since the shards dropped from this are something we'd all like to aquire. I welcome any unusual tips and tricks most haven't thought of to help me out with this as I am at a stop and want to play the game, but at the point where this system angers me beyond anything. Kind regards. Wanhead.
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