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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. so I presume that aside from Deleting my save or complaining to Trendy there is not much I can do aside from hoping on a patch that might address this? Might it possibly have affected my chicken because I was on medium when i got the last achievement?
  2. I for one think no, I have spent a great deal of time playing dungeon defenders and have had my ups and downs, all in the pursuit of the supposedly epic chicken that you get rewarded "Considerably more powerful than regular DPS Familiars, and has the highest number of upgrade levels in the game with potentially over 70."for completing every accomplishment in the game. I just completed the Legendary Defender Achievment and was given a chicken with stats as follows 8/8 levels ( results after maxing) 700 base damage 4 shots per second +7 Knockback +10 Tower health +13 Hero speed 13 Hero c
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