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  1. nice, as soon as i finish equipping my dryad i will push some OS. I dont have the shards to do it yet (i need moar def rates) But i bought her a week ago and, man, she has not deceived me yet.
  2. I havent experienced lazy bees yet.And slimes seem to be a good one of per lane (more if there are borks). Their AOE makes bees focus on the big targets.
  3. basically that. They pop out of the pit, but once the roller passes them by they stop attacking it and just chill like its not their business.
  4. being able to use dust units (even an high amount like, i dont know, 198/297 dust ) for gilding would solve the "gradual gilding" thing. And would make gild non rng dependant.
  5. I was using huntress for a while and was REALLY REALLY feeling all I was there for was concussive shot and to use my pet on bosses. Switched to barbarian and now I feel like I can almost hold a lane with nearly no defenses at all if I can over build other lanes. AL with the right shards feels like that too. You place the fountain down, press left click , spam 2 and call it a day.
  6. Libertarian Party for etheria when?
  7. Why assassins are the worst... like they planned it that way. Boss just spawned let me give you that assassin. Cyborks just disabled to many defenses? let me spawn an assassin. *Laughs in Abyss lord*
  8. the trading system is okay , but it could use a few improvements. Firstly, two major and improbable changes, but that would be a nice QOL imprevement: AFK Market/ AH: An npc that lets you sell or buy items from another players, even if they are afk. Maybe reduce the personal shop fee and put an increased one on this market so players still use personal shops. That is, if the game engine can allow such a functionality, taking into account all the game works in "instances" and maybe a serverwide auction house is not possible. Let us sell and buy shards in personal shops. Gilding shards requires tons of grinding and gilding 5 deadly strikes is not an easy task. a Market would let new players get resources for Mods and gear upgrading and even old players sell shards from characters they dont use to buy new mods or other shards. This wont outdate the dust system as some shards are not being really used and you get way more than you could sell with the current market system. And, the two i would consider would be huge improvements to the actual trade system, without "major" changes Let us name our shops, if possible. Seriously, the best part of automated trade systems in games is being able to search for what you want. Here you have to browse 20 shops everytime you log into town. I would like to see a shop called "TENACITY 95 CH34P BUY FAST" if i am looking for mods. The only way to search currently is the general chat. Let us hide sold out or empty shops. Like the naming thing, this will hugely help browsing, making the market more bearable to use . TL'DR The trade system is not exactly bad, but lacks some features that make people prefer automated trade instead of screaming in chat for 2 hours until a shady individual says "Psst kid, want some Ch8 ampoules?" and proceeds to rip you off.
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