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  1. Products and Keys are bound to each region's PlayStation Store and you are bound to your region's PS Store. This means you can only buy products available in your store for the advertised price and also only redeem codes that are for your particular region. I just checked on google whether you can change you account's region, seems to be not possible.
  2. With the last update and new schedules in Onslaught, Lost Temple map has become incredible annoying to play due to lags of 5 up to 15 seconds where you basically need to hope everything works out as you can't do anything. Happened to me twice that nothing on my screen happened for nearly the whole wave, and just that lag is no good experience - whether you win it or lose. Since the update got released I did 6 resets starting on floor 51 and resetting after 80, so it's not just my connection the other day or something randomly happened. I have these crazy lags only in Lost Temple and it has happened on 95% of the Lost Temple maps I've played, some of them were just fine. I guess it's the amount of enemies spawning causing these lags. This is not just me but also 2 other friends of mine having same issues, I think this needs to be addressed. Any other (PS4) players experiencing this?
  3. I know private/public has been fixed, this is not what it's about. This pairing up can get bitter, e.g. after winning your 3rd expedition you get paired with someone that's new to the chaos tier and already built the whole map a way you will just not win the match. I know, one could just play private, but still. But as I said, it's a nice thing to have more people to play with and getting that multiplayer bonus!
  4. I don't know if this is kind of a hidden new feature, but you're being put to other player's available maps after hitting Next Floor/Replay/Random Map whatever mode you're in. Although I have mixed feelings about it, it is nice to get the multiplayer boni when you have the chance to. But if this really is intended to happen, there is something wrong with the winstreak not counting correct. It happened 2 times to me that I joined some public C7 expedition and got a Bonus shard at the end of the match and had an according winstreak shown up on the ending screen. Nice to get that right away on the first match, but this is clearly a bug. Now it just happened to me and another player that we lost our winstreak of 3 after some people joined our expedition and that's where it gets unpleasant. It clearly must have something to do with multiplayer, playing private the winstreak works just fine.
  5. Onslaught has no end. Weather or not i have perfect mods doesn't matter. Eventually it will get to a point where it will b a challenge. I for one would like to use the mods i want to get as high as i can rather than beat my head against the wall for the next year or more looking for enough rate, range and other mods to get there. I've been putting in between 6 and ten hours a day since mods were a thing and i've only found 1 perfect rate, 1 perfect range, and 2 perfect tenacitys. At this rate my kids will have to finish this game for me. I can understand the frustration of people who can't put in those kinds of hours. You've found 2 max tenacity mods, what are you complaining about
  6. Got like all of them multiple times, just hit me up on PSN or here on forums with what you are looking for - 500k gold each.
  7. Can we actually have several gem mines active the same time?
  8. All your items will get reset to campaign level, including Chaos 8 quality gear.
  9. He lost the rest of his body in the battle for Etheria..and apparently also the ability to keep his head together. I think he is exclusively available from Defender Packs, at least that's where mine came from. Edit: just realised what you mean with "broken"...let's hope they fix him soon to unveil his special powers!
  10. You now have a starting ascension of 210. Upon reset, you gain +112 on your talent caps and another +126 starting ascension. So if you reset now, you start with 210+126=336 ascension :) sounds like a good point to reset to me!
  11. Literally a heads up, next time you have one disappearing look above you Maybe there's something else wrong with them, but they definitely take off when they get hit by a starfall in corrupt form :D
  12. When you hit them with corrupt form starfall, they will get kicked up high in the air and fall down again. I guess that's what happens to you and I don't think this is supposed to happen.
  13. Meet Nigel, Protobot's trigger-happy cousin
  14. Not only does your match get public when you go to the next map or replay, in Onslaught you can also get merged with other players. I just did 57 private, chose next and joined another player on 58 that was already in first combat phase - please also look into fixing this.
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