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  1. Message me with prices on Xbox. My gamer tag is SirMike690.
  2. SirMike690

    (Xbox One)

    This was a test message just ignore it haha
  3. SirMike690

    (Xbox One)

    Looking to buy a 10/10 anti-melee servo for reasonable price
  4. Does it matter what chaos level we are in on the pc? LAWLTA
  5. This is my meme hope you enjoy (It won't let me just post the image, I hope you still see it!) https://t.co/t7Egqt0pYv
  6. They came back at random like 3 hours later but it keeps happening to me
  7. It’s on CrashBoxOne too btw that might be why
  8. So I’m trying to play split screen on dd2 with a friend, and every time we try to allow the other account in the game, it just crashes. We’ve tried like 5-6 times and it did the same thing every time. What do we do to fix it?
  9. Sorry to say but they will most likely not refund your gems because they have a pop up before you get a hero showing the name of the hero you are about to buy and the price of it so it would be your fault you bought the wrong hero. Sorry.
  10. So I logged on this morning and all of a sudden, a bag with a bunch of my good stuff was just empty. I was pretty upset because I had a few max mods I could’ve used/sold in that bag. Is there any way I can get this resolved?
  11. Message me if you have one plz
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