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  1. not picking on ya its just how you said it, purposely loosing you don't have to do that it that way just a choice to try and be more efficient haha. me personally I love how it is set up and I farm a multitude of different ways, that's what sets this game apart from others its not suppose to be easier, if they just keep increasing everything higher and higher what is the point. personally think the 5-7 motes per map is a good number, at the end of the day this is all personal opinions.
  2. also if I am farming and no one is online I just watch Netflix while in my private match and just afk everything and then its not so boring haha
  3. exactly.. you can do that also If im not also farming for shards I beat the 3 waves and quit or and lose and just replay the map. idk so many people want this game to be easier that makes no sense at all, if they make the game easy what is the point of even playing. or I am like you 024noi I beat the 3 and leave to go do something else I need. but hey remember its 2018 everyone is entitled now and just wants and needs everything the easy way instead of actually working for it haha
  4. this is a grinding game stop complaining, that is absolutely ridiculous... beat all 5 waves and just hit replay
  5. so for anyone who would like to know my team and I did a couple resets after update and started all over from onslaught one and just climbed all the way back up to where we wanted to go and we did receive one every 10 floors and so did my teammate now. you need to do exactly 10 floors from where ever you start or no weapon. some of my team were getting them a floor before us or after some of us.
  6. so it was intended for some people to receive the weapons and not others of the same rank and AP without doing AP after new isle of dread update and also doing AP after update... I already read everything I was just seeing if this was occurring to other people that's all and that someone at TE is aware of this issue.
  7. that makes absolutely no sense because I have done ap quit a bit before update and finished the grind and then climbed back up and did not finish... with my same team, also after update and patch we all are still running together and we have not done AP after update some are getting the weapons every 10 floors and others are not. we are the same ap and just about same ascension and everything, I received a prestigious weapon and he didn't but we are both the same on everything, this was happening to about 8 different people I play with. it is a bug
  8. okay so this is definitely a bug of some sort from what everyone on here is saying that is quit annoying, hopefully this issue gets resolved as soon as possible, thanks for the information guys and gals. much appreciated. yes all info is correct you are suppose to get a weapon every ten floors up to 100 then its every 20 floors with a chance and higher mod rolls. that is coming from the info I have seen on the dev logs.
  9. we have been grinding out floors since the update and it looks like one of the guys I run with he climbed 15 floors with no drop for a prestigious weapon but everyone else received one. is this a known bug ?? or is it every ten floors Its a chance for a prestigious weapon... is it not guaranteed ??
  10. well no one has told me how to fix this or use the bug report so I have the videos saved on my xbox and also pictures, Im just going to make a twitter account and post them onto there page.
  11. I have been playing for quit some time and never reported any bugs especially through the site lawlta gave me. I do not have a computer at the moment and I am running on xbox one. can a dev or player please tell me how to get saved videos or pictures off my xbox onto the reporting bugs website... this would be very helpful and beneficial towards me and many players experiencing the same problems, so we can get this issue addressed and or fixed thank you. Also on the bug reporting website there is a section with a spot that says REPRO CHANCE and a list of percentages, what does that even m
  12. I do have pictures and videos on my xbox but I do not know how to produce those onto a computer system and also I do not have a computer at the moment
  13. just curious if there was any talk about this on other forums if so can you please refer me to the correct post. on xbox one while playing onslaught or chaos levels, any time I switch characters they glitch out, for instance my ev-2 will be a ghost no character just her canister, the dryad will be frozen in a statue like position, my huntress will be holding the dryads sword, so on and so forth... this happens all the time I have to keep switching characters until it goes back to normal, while in combat this is super painful because If this glitch or bug occurs I literally can not attack use a
  14. all very valid points, I read the patch I can roll with it. my group and I grind a couple hours a day then also on weekends on xbox one. this patch I love for the sole fact its patching the freezes and glitches that have been going on. the extra xp and bonus loot is nice, bonus loot all legendary that's interesting idk how I feel about that one. xp is nice considering if you grind with other players it will be beneficial in progression, but this is very sad not so much this patch but the players as a whole, people on these games where the developers give the players half say in how they do thi
  15. you are banned for not banning me before I banned you...
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