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  1. Stacking would be nice. I have all bags, a few vault tabs and still run into storage problems.
  2. Greetings fellow defenders and Trendy! Shards are part of our daily grind and they've been quite a hassle to manage especially for a returning player who is planning to use the diverse array of heroes down the line. I just returned to this game about a week ago and I wanted to horde every shard. This is mainly for several reasons: a) There are five new heroes since I last played so I wanted to explore all their options in regards to builds (some builds are defined by shards). b) I didn't know what was optimal for each hero so hording was the only option. (then again who wants to play with a mindset of being optimal right off the bat?). I still wanted to explore so I had to horde shards. Do you think we'll see any improvements on the shard management system? Here are a few areas that I hope can be improved upon: [1] I just noticed that when you are browsing the shards that your hero can equip, the system does not take into consideration the shards that are stored in the vault. [2] Auto-sort does not apply to shards. The system groups them up and 'compresses' your bag but there is no sort applied to the shards. Even a sort by shard (name/class/chaos tier) would be extremely helpful at this point. With the icons being the same, I have to mouse over almost every type of shard to perform a manual sort. [3] Keeping track of what shards are close to being gilded is a hassle to check because of point [2]. I need to save 10 copies of a shard before I can even make a shard gilded. Why can't it be a gradual process of gilding so we're not storing the 10 shards before they have any use. Those are my thoughts at the moment. I've been having a blast since I returned. Trying out the new heroes on new maps and new modes has been nothing but a fresh experience. I also think you should be able to sell from the Vault. Right now you have to transfer an item to the bag, then exit the vault screen and sell from the bag. Please let me know if there are any functions that I may not just be aware of and address any of the issues I presented. Thank you and I look forward to the new update/patch!
  3. Good evening team and fellow defenders, Have you guys heard anything regards the potential improvements on the current status of shard farming? I heard on reddit that they will be deploying some changes to the shard system. When do you think we'll be receiving that patch?
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