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  1. Hello, 1) Fix the invisible monster that one shot your crystal in survival mix mode please. Ive never encounter that problem in survival normal mode (insane, nightmare doesnt matter). 2) Ogres still pass thru the defenses, doesnt matter I block with what. They pass thru magical barrier, spikes, bouncers... 3) Ban cheaters from this game or this game will auto-die by itself. I can see 2-3 games in the list that are selling for paypal with cheated items. Its pretty fun to see how fast cheaters unlock every gear with +250 in each stats of every items. Haha. yeah. See APB reloaded, they we
  2. The full DLC didnt appear in my screen, so I also bought the wrong one. Very nice Trendy **** company
  3. This is no longer uptodate because with patch 7.11b, a lot of items changed. We can have a sic with 38 upgrades and more basic damage. Also for crystal tracker with 33 ups.
  4. You missed the pointThe survival is a really nice feature that allows people to punch their builds/characters to the end of a certain limit I would say. The only thing that puts everybody in a bad position are the random disconnects, like a connection lost. The reason why only 1% people were able to finish the survival normal or mix mode are probably only the disconnects. Also, its asking around 6 hours of your time if you dont spend too much time selling and checking stuff. Me and my friends are so upset about that. We actually start 4 separate games, push as much as we can before the
  5. I was on the wave 24 on survival mix mode, it was a pleasure to encounter a connection lost at this time seriously. I almost uninstalled the game and ask for a refund. Fix the issue with steam or no body will not even play this game anymore. We should be able to save where we are considering we have an infinite building phase. I lost almost 10 hours of my life and all my partners. I wont be playing this game until you guys patch this or answer me a solution.
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