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  1. I swear one of my bags was missing items when I logged in this morning. I want to file a ticket but don't know how. There doesn't seem to be in-game help. Long story: My first bag had like the top 4+ rows magically empty when i logged in. I use this bag to hold things I want to save, particularly the top row. So that was wierd. I ignored that and played. Well I used this bag to organize my servos that I'm interested in after the session (had tons of people I was playing with). I log out. I log in again. My items aren't organized the way I thought they were. And ITEMS that I know I would have saved magically appeared! It's like the game fixed itself, but I don't know if I still have everything. It like mixed everything up and I recognize some of the extra gear from this morning (that I think would have been left over from my earlier session, but it doesn't look like everything is there (like the number of gloves, helms, etc. that I saved). WTF is going on? has anyone else had inventory issues? Another weird thing: When the items were missing this morning, after I played, I opened food boxes, but the food wasn't anywhere. The food was there when I logged in again.
  2. Okay thanks! I play on PC, but joining public games is probably a good idea
  3. Well today I just figured out why my flamethrowers were dying behind walls: many ranged attacks are piercing so they need to be put off center significantly and then re-aimed (i'm still working on this. putting Sky guard with extra health in front of towers (and far enough away) outside lane seems to be working as you suggested against air, but it seems like if the tower is too close to the lane, something is killing it. Placement is more what I'm asking for, not which towers to use. but thanks for the placement information you gave!
  4. I don't really understand tower placement in this game. I feel like most of my towers die due to some AOE effect. I've even tried placing them in areas between lanes but still not had much luck. I think flying Kamikaze AOE gets to them, and I think sometimes ranged in the lane will attack them too. Anyone willing to share some tips on tower placement? I've figured out how to clear CHoas I, but I want to practice with towers so I'm ready for Chaos 2 and the Cyborks (I heavily use monk auras, which will become practically unusable.
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