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  1. Huh... I don't think I've ever seen a Couteau. Getting a good one could be an interesting adventure.
  2. Few times it isn't. 800 times it is. A bit of perspective. If you export to open to test different upgrade possibilities on a 200^ weapon, and you fully upgrade it 4 times, you'll have upgraded 800 times. If it takes 3 seconds to upgrade once, and I'm being generous, it's probably more like 5, you'll spend 2400 seconds doing nothing but clicking two buttons. That's fourty minutes.
  3. Hacked or not, what's the point? Everything after 100 is worthless.
  4. Reduces damage taken by the Countess. It has no interaction with resistances.
  5. You don't want that cake anyway. It's fattening.
  6. There was a patch some time ago, that changed this criticly. when you got a char(50,50,50,50 - 0 , 0 - 200,200,200,200) build towers and switch to a dps char(200,400,200,200, - ... - 50,50,50,50) then all towers will have stats like the dps char builded them. I would love to have this change removed! What? This is verifiably false. Take ten seconds to build a tower, and change characters and note the difference. The only change will be the 33% loss of damage for an inactive builder.
  7. "Oh no, I didn't hack this item, Mister! I uh... bought it! Yeah! I bought it and didn't hack it. I bought it for a lot of mana! So don't take it away!" - Every item hacker ever.
  8. All females are faster and have less HP than their male counterparts. I think the Adept has a faster base casting speed than the Apprentice, but I can't remember for sure.
  9. As jetah mentioned, I came in expecting No Towers a la the No Towers Allowed challenge. An interesting strat to be sure.
  10. If you got the seasonal DLC for free, you should still have them. I have never paid for the Halloween or Thanksgiving DLCs and still have full access to both.
  11. I'm interested to see how the aura and trap sizing will work.
  12. I've never encountered this, no, but I rarely use Joust and even then, tend to turn it off before running into walls. Are there specific locations you're getting stuck on/in? If it's reproduceable, get screenshots of the location and send it in as a bug report.
  13. I just checked in my tavern. MM with Builder Bonus HP: 4104 Range: 16.38 Damage: 1412 Rate: 0.17 Without Builder Bonus HP: 4104 Range: 16.38 Damage: 1061 0.17 I checked if maybe it affected Walls differently so I pulled up my Squire. Spiked Barricade with Builder Bonus HP: 15865 Damage: 1712 Without Builder Bonus HP: 15865 Damage: 1437
  14. Looks like the Discussion subforum is new. The Trading and Tech Support subforums have been here for a while.
  15. The Countess would be insanely broken if she could keep Call up 100% of the time. Someone did the math on Blood Rage, it's on the wiki.
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