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  1. Ive reset once. All my toons have almost maxed/perfect gear. Most have max/perfect mods on gear and relics. Im at about 8400 gear score.. Spent approx $70 on the game in the last month or so... TBH, there is pretty much nothing left for me to do other than onslought floors.. Game is insanely boring now. Not really gonna invest any more time/money into the game just to get to 999 .. /needs pvp or something more than intriguing..
  2. Yes, its a 95% when at C7.. Its a max tenacity, but its on a C4 relic i think. Ill post a pic later if u need.
  3. Once the update hits, and C8 is much lower; the ampules will prob sell for like 1mil, esp when everyone will be doing onslought for ancient and not upgrades, but collecting em on the way..
  4. 50mil ? Jeeze bruh.. 8mil max. 2Mill min.
  5. WTS Perfect Tenacity Mod for Relic. Whisper or Post offers.
  6. I have a perfect/max Relic Tenacity mod aswell... Offers?
  7. Would help regulate players.. But whats to stop my freshly reset C1 account with a gear score of 650 and my WM which are at C7 from joining and doing the same thing? But yeh, i do think there should be an option when creating a game to limit if players can join by; Min Gear Score, Max Gear Score, or players with Ancient Powers..
  8. Heres a concept: Exchange 99 shard dust for 1 shard "fragment". Use 10 shard fragments to partially gild 1 shard (of that chaos level) by 1/10.. So essentially 100 shard fragments (1000 shard dust) can gild 1 shard... The 10th upgrade to finalize the gild takes 10 fragments or 1 similar shard, plus 2mill... ...use that in conjunction with shard stacking, and partial progressive gilding with single shards 1 at a time.. Doing an Ancient reset prior to fully Gilding a shard will remove 1 upgrade level from said shard. ..just an idea..
  9. ...or they can just make it so shards stack, like all the rest of the inventory...
  10. Trendy is trying to direct players away From having max gear being the only obtainable objective for "dedicated" players; To max gear being a footstone to max mods.. Where onslaught floor progression is the new status queue for title/bragging, primarily when their big update hits that is...
  11. This solution fixes most of the bugs/issues when not being able to evolve your pet (even when u have the regeants)
  12. I think being able to browse inventory mid-wave is a good idea! ...esp with the implementation of game/party management. If someone is not contributing, just kick them from ur game. Hell, once u get past C7, you can AFK farm.. Be honest, mid wave people just sit around on their phones instead, or clean thwir room.. Not having the ability to browse inventory is nothing more than an inconvenience.. Simply add an optional setting when creating a game that enable/disable the ability to inventory management mid-wave. ...best of both preferences.
  13. No one uses traps in endgame content, they are 100% a waste of DU at the moment. 1 explosive trap does not come close to equal one lsa for the same price, 1 blaze balloon doesn't come close to equal 2 hornets or 1 earthshatter for the same price. If they were immune to the stun though people might experiment more with them, they used to be a viable defense in the game. Yeah, no one uses anything from the huntress other than PDTs. Even with her increased Hero Damage output compared to other heroes; no one uses her... She needs some rework.. I always thought for a bow weilder, she'd have better abilities; idk maybe arrow barrage? Lol
  14. ...or even some survival modes.. 4 lanes, 1 person per lane - whoever out-lives the other players (by building/fighting) their lane, wins - Infinite waves, each wave getting 5% stronger cycling buffs/minions..
  15. Yeah, im not sure why exactly they made is so it cant be moved.. I mean, every other hero has a "portable heal / self heal" .. Mystic has to not only spend 20-DU just for the ability to heal, but is confined to where ever you placed the structure.. Im fine with it not being able to upgrade, its mainly just used for the orbs, or to spend any left over DU after building... They shoulda made it so the obelisk is stationary, not coil. - But then again, her buff does give a decent amount of HP regen.
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