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  1. I pledged the $300 tier, and received my poster and T-Shirt about 2-3 days ago. I'd like to believe they are working on it as we speak.
  2. @B8.HoffmanStingray is correct, those skins are only for Kickstarter backers, they will show for you but will not be able to be selected. Why they didn't hide them for players who can't equip them is beyond me though...
  3. Hey! The keys you refer to, what are they for? DD2 stuff? Either way I went ahead and did what you said, but I feel as if the rewards that I'm talking about aren't ready yet.
  4. Yeah, I have noticed this issue is very prominent on walls that are placed on inclines.
  5. I understand it might be frustrating but this whole kickstarter thing and delivering rewards is also new for them. Mistakes have been made, they're trying to fix those mistakes.. You WILL get them, just have to be a little patient. I'm in the same boat, I paid for $300 tier but I don't expect everything to be done instantly.
  6. Sorry to hear about what happened! I'm very pleased to see that you're keeping an open line of communication! :)
  7. Huh.. interesting.. I'm not sure why it'd be like that. What Mysterio said could very well be the case, but I don't see why that in particular would cause a visual glitch like this.
  8. They said they weren't going to do any microtransactions for DDA. I doubt they'd do that considering it was a kickstarter reward.. possibly they could make it instanced so that only kickstarters will have the VIP room while normal people just have something else?
  9. That's awesome that some people are taking the time to do this stuff, and then there is people like me! Haha, thanks for the contribution to a possible easter egg though! :)
  10. Honestly, even though I definitely didn't enjoy DD2 as much as DD1, I LOVED the monks sky guard tower. I agree and would love to see something similar honestly!
  11. Hello! Basically, you have to keep trying to send the required message (your steam profile link)... that error means the current queue is full (50 people). So you'll just have to send it in every now and then until you get into the queue.
  12. According to Ice it's just a fun little easter egg. :)
  13. Is it really? I must be missing something then, or just blind. Maybe both. I'll keep looking around. I've seen the VIP room I believe, but not this one.
  14. Everyone makes mistakes and people need to realize that.. the difference is there are some who own up to it and some who don't. CG has owned up to it, and on top of it is trying their best to make things right, this why I'll always stand by them and support them. Just an all around amazing company that actually cares what the community has to say.
  15. Quick question - might be a stupid one. Which room is this? I can't seem to find it, unless the code I redeemed didn't work.
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