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  1. In the contrary ... upgrade the shard ... use it ... enjoy the game ... Gilded shards mostly for endgame players Since you are new to game, you should Push Onslaught (after you win one map in C7) and do some mastery ... small tip here ... at 55 Stars you have your first Hypershard = Mass Destruction ... and it's the best in the game right now ... you can Play M1 already and earn stars for Mastery. Thanks for your help. I'll look into doing that.
  2. Yes ... Technicaly it's "Upgrade 0" not "Lvl 1" for shards. i'll Remind you that Gilded shards stay MAX upgrade. Ok so just to confirm Upgrade 0 is the base 'lvl' when you first receive the shard. I'm still only 2 weeks in and up to chaos 5 so just trying to understand somethings a little better. Is it better to not upgrade shards unless you can get them to Gilded status?
  3. What happens to shards if you reset. Do they go back down to level 1 as well?
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