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  1. It would make sense since I can't imagine this issue is common but since I can't report it happening in other games (Yet) it sounded like a problem with the online mode. I don't have issues when I play privately (So far) but playing alone isn't that fun when the design of the game encourages multiplayer.

    Since I've been able to play games like Skyrim and the Total War series without issues (mostly fps and graphics) I don't see how my hardware ould be the issue?

  2. When I play online I recieve a black screen at random and Im unable to get the computer to respond besides manually restarting. I've played a few high demanding games and managed to play Dungeon Defenders solo offline without an issue until I reached lv 74. 

    Not certain what I need to fix it but I don't want to play a game that forces me to restart the computer after 40 minutes of play. Besides this issue I enjoy the game a lot and want to continue playing. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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