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  1. If you "sell" shards... we will start getting people that ask for money instead of in-game currency. Just wait and see.
  2. 3 consecutive wins = 1 extra shard of chaos 6 consecutive wins = 2 extra shards of chaos 9 consecutive wins = 3 extra shards of chaos 15 consecutive wins = 4 extra shards of chaos 24 consecutive wins = 5 extra shards of chaos Why isn't this a thing yet?
  3. All those lies you told us... Must be rewarded with more wild cards!
  4. Thanks for the feedback here! More Questions: 1. I noticed that I sometimes get Hero-Specific Mods for characters that aren't in my hero deck, is this because I build with them? Or is this a known bug? 2. Is it possible to share to drop rate of MOD levels? For example, 10/10 has a 1% to drop. 9/10 has a 2% to drop. 3. Does your hero gear affect your defense towers at all? If you have a drench shard, will it apply to your defenses or only a chance when the hero or pet attack the mob? 4. Higher quality gear (White/Grey vs Green vs Blue vs Purple vs Orange) have a higher chance to drop higher M
  5. Some mods only start dropping in certain chaos tiers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONuUAUofbdaav4GUVvWy69CLEatFalT73mGuhhLaXJg/edit#gid=1282941683 Tried to link it, but didnĀ“t work, so here is the web address. I have that excel sheet in my favorites but noticed this. Thanks :D
  6. So for example, a Tenacity 10/10 in C7 would have 2% drop and a Defense Power 10/10 in C7 would also have 2% drop? Or am I understanding this wrong. What is meant by 'tiers'?
  7. Is there a way to release the numbers of on each mod or do all have an equal chance to drop? All equal chance at their own tiers. To expand a bit: - Pirate Mods are given a guaranteed slot on the pirate weapon drops, and cannot be overwritten by non-pirate Mods. - Prestigious weapons follow the same logic as above. - Lower tiered Mods are in the pool at higher tiers, so their chance is lower, but equal to all other mods in the Mod pool. - Hero tower specific mods (i.e. Shocking Revelation) are added to the mod table (if in the appropriate tier) if they are in your active hero deck. If I hav
  8. Is there a way to release the numbers of on each mod or do all have an equal chance to drop?
  9. [[166314,users]] Is it possible to provide the AP Stats Increase Ratio? For example: Defense Range: 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% Defense Power: 4% 2% 2% 1% 1% (not positive if correct)
  10. It's actually worse when you join in late and towers show 400 dps on Choas 7. You get scared :D
  11. I think a lot of people are skipping certain maps when they can. Especially for higher onslaught.
  12. Is it possible to see a blue highlight when we build our defenses with EV2? I sometimes don't know how far the build them since it's hard to figure out.
  13. I don't know the names of the maps... but I know which ones to skip as they are harder due to build points. Some maps have 7 lanes and have 1100 build points while others have 6 lanes and 1250 build points. What is determined to how much each map gets? Or does that depend on what the map designer decides?
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