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  1. Same issue, what I've been starting to do is if you press triangle I believe to split the stack you can then apply it to another stack until you have 99. Unfortunately you cant stack that last "1" on top of anything so you'll have stacks of single items. :/ It is what it is. If you need to conserve space what I do is just sell the single item. I try to avoid this issue by keeping the pet reroll and the food in my inventory until I get a 99 stack before putting it in the vault.
  2. I feel like this should be in the suggestions area, but yeah. Something other than trading for more shards of that level would be good.
  3. Truth... I don't have that many attack rate shards but I've gotten a bunch since I stopped caring. Also got a bunch of deadly strikes too so I'm good. Just play the game lol...
  4. It's been working for the past few days. Just thought it was weird because I could play COD online multiplayer without an issue. Thanks guys!
  5. Off the top of my head I have a 45k medallion, destruction, defense rate, and the shard that -10% defense power for 20% crit rate or something and I'm 900k at level 1. 20 pts into tower speed, the rest into bees and I'm 220 ascension or so?
  6. Worked fine yesterday morning. Went to work and tried to fire it up and its freezing at the ship screen on the start menu. After you press any button to start the ship just freezes. I've tried closing the application and reopening, restarting, and uninstalled and reinstalled DD2 with the same issue.
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