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  1. just to precise i use 2 auras with weapon manufacturer and 1 with aura flame : so it cost 90 + 30 = 120
  2. hello i give my choice with weapon manufacturer 1/ deadly strike (gifted) 2/ defense rate (gifted) 3/ vicious strike mods : 1/ shocking revelation, 2/ water chip, 3/ tenacity like this you obtain 1/ combo electrocution 2/max rate 0.31 s (if defense rate not gifted 0.4 second) 3/ great range average 1850 (range is very important versus air lane : i use just weapon manufacturer versus air lane : onslaught lvl80 (max range is 2000) 4/ ork become inoffensif with tenacity : obtain a 10 mod tenacity is a priority, i advise to use pristine token lvl7 to obtain a 10 (max 280 try) or paid 40 50 60 ... millions with this weapon manufacturer you need a good flame aura (my choice is basic :destruction, deadly strike, defense rate, mod : anti frosties, anti boom frosties, tenacity and finally a good tower : earthshatter for example ;) hope can help you
  3. thx for your answer i saw it for water damage its interesting i didnt know the electrocute combo
  4. hello, question about weapon manufacturer i modded like this : defense rate + deadly strikes + vicious strikes my mods are : shocking revelation (9)+ tenacity(10) + ???? what can i choose for my last mod ? i played with attack range then i replaced it by storm damage but it seems to be stupid cause i ve got already storm damage with shocking revelation. I thought choose melee boom servo anyone an advice ???
  5. ok thx for the clue "burning strike" ;) but we are agree : assassins + dragon + oil + fire + omega wave : thats too much for a level in onslaught in solo game
  6. hello, i think too the onslaught is a pleasure, but this map is really a wall ! 1/ we MUST have a oil fire weapon, i dont like this cause thats not a choice 2/ too many oil fire vases to monitor 3/the graduation of difficulty is bad, i explain : my level is 80 in onslaught and lvl49 is already for me a world war 2 and after lvl 50 is so easely... Sorry if i'm frustrated but i love so this game :)
  7. Crazy, the game is working now ... it s just a little bit annoying !!!
  8. i got the same message on ps4 impossible to play for 2 days...
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