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  1. am i alone ? leaderbord doesn't work ...
  2. ok definitely you cant understand, you ve not the level required
  3. to undestand the high level, you need to play this level : with one 10 bad mod on a medaillon your defence sucks... i was playing reflect beam def rate, tenacity, power servo (all mods 10) after some advises from better players like me i changed my power servo by an anti miniboss cause the last round on lost temple was always problematic immediately i saw the difference ...after 200, 300 floors my defence sucks again i decided to copy what the majority said i replaced my anti miniboss by an anti melee but finally i changed again by crowd controll cause all ennemies are touched by this mo
  4. thx ;) I use the FA with 3 different configurations (defense rate gilded, destruction, deadly strike) FA versus earth units : anti melee, anti chaos, crowd controll FA versus flying units : anti ranged, defense range servo FA versus frost : def rate, anti frost, tenacity (anti melee could be a better choice) If you have already a fissure double def rate it s suffisant, i chose FA cause it s easier to put with other defenses but fissure do the job very well i use reflect beam with tenacity and put my FA inside, versus frost i put two FA on the same line before my r
  5. I was merely pointing out the fact that when you said "a player must have it" was overstating it since it isn't required by any means. "must have" cause after you can do something else but its not so good, i could explain my build with ramster but its really bad, not interesting Then you turned into into a point that you needed it for floor much higher than most will travel and I used data to show that a majority of players wont reach that floor. NO i tried to explain you (a great player floor 420) that if you continue to climb you ll go into the wall with frostlanes but ...
  6. anyway i answer on a topic whose name is " i need some tips for climbing" the best tip for frost lane s orc is double def rate, you choose other way Exglint all right, but my advise was for Mochan who asked help
  7. floor 420 perhaps...floor 700 without double rate it s a good challenge, floor 900 no issue...
  8. i cant see leaderboard for 1 week now... i ve the message "connection failed too many connections" on my pc or on my ps4... i know some guys continue to climb on ps4 they pass 964 a great wall i would like see their progress and encourage them... is it the end on dd2 ?
  9. versus frost orc you have no choice : you MUST use double def rate with your flame aura or your embourmont fissure, double def rate = shard def rate (no need gilded) + mod def rate 9, so you keep the rate at max, put 2 or 3 flame aura to be sure if you play reflect beam proton, use the same on your proton : double def rate so your combo petrify works better frost lanes cost much mana and lag the game , so you can reroll to have less lanes on lost temple, thats my better tips ;)
  10. we reached floor 999, but we can help :), floor 954 by exemple ( watch leaderboard on ps4 many players go through 954 ^^, incredible :))
  11. yep we did it999....on ps4 45 mins to finish the last floor Etche1364,Demo-nat, jantou24 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i will let a resume from our fight later.... (Eh nam 13 i 'm very happy to read a message from you here cause we climb together you on xbox me on ps4 (i was watching on leaderboard ^^), i have had the luck to find a good team at the end, i hope you will find... ;))
  12. basic dragolich is suffisant, so you pay just for a look no interest to max your pet so you can pay 50 to 300 milions, price is free
  13. i loved dd1 on ps3, i'm loving dd2 on ps4, i cant imagine to play dda on ps4,5 in 2021 ? can i ? lol
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