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  1. Wow...the xp bonus alone is worth it to jump into some multiplayer and afk xD jk jk. But it is a nice incentive
  2. Grats on hitting 999 bro! Go get some rest xD
  3. man, you're crazy. like a college ball player, one and done for me
  4. If I had one thing I could put into this game it would be money. This game is worthy of a small investment for stuff like inventory and vault space. Other than that this game is near perfect.
  5. It's not a hack but rather a glitch with your inventory. I myself have listed shards in my shop by accident. What happened to me was I had a full inventory, started selling some things, collected more from the scavenger, began to sell again and an item would glitch leaving an empty spot in my inventory between two pieces of gear. I played around one day and tried to list a piece of gear in my shop and it would list something entirely different and found out I could list shards. It's not something they could ban you for since it's a glitch in the game. However, I wouldn't sell shards anyway since you might need them later.
  6. You guys are right, good points. Hyper Shards are not needed at all. If you're only pushing to 66 then resetting there's no need for Hyper Shards especially with mods. However, I stand by the idea that since they're so expensive and hard to get they should still be protected.
  7. If you clicked on this you more than likely already know what they are and how hard they can be to acquire. Seeing as they cost as much to upgrade as your regular gilded shard, I'm curious to know what other people think when it comes to AP resets and whether you think Hyper Shards should be protected against resets. I think they should be protected against resets and would be willing to push this issue as long as we can have a healthy discussion about it and here's why: 1. Prestigious Item - anyone who has any or all of the Hyper Shards understands how hard they are to acquire. I'd say they are the highest reward for completing any of this game's content. Some people spend more time acquiring one hyper shard compared to the time it takes to craft one gilded shard 2. Cost to upgrade - every Hyper Shard costs two million gold to max out, or 2,000 Defender Medals with the most expensive one, Automation, costing three million gold or 3,000 medals. If you're doing resets on a daily basis you're going to run out of gold/medals pretty quick. Now not all of the hyper shards are worth upgrading for resets depending on certain builds but majority use Mass Destruction and Vicious Strikes. I hope to have a healthy and constructive conversation about this. Should they be protected since they cost as much as a gilded shard? Should the costs be adjusted a little lower? Or is this just a small price we have to pay for acquiring one of the hardest items in the game?
  8. FWIW, a lot of game companies operate like this these days. If you've played other games and been involved with their communities you'd notice they communicate more on third party platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and discord. In the current age it's just easier to reach many more people on social media than it is on a forum platform. As far as communicating things like the vault price prior to rolling it out, it's not really surprising either. I was upset when I saw a price tag on the Material Vault but I'm understanding that they also want and need to get paid for their work. Imho, that should have been communicated to us prior to rolling it out, it would have prevented a lot of ill feelings. As far as a drop in activity among steam charts, I've learned to never base a games life on those charts. Steam only makes up one third of this games community. Again, with any game you play there's always ups and downs. I've come from huge games like WoW, Tera, Guild Wars, Revelation Online, mmorpg's mostly. DD2 isn't as huge as some of those other games but I feel like DD2 has a more stable activity. I came from Tera mostly and if anyone's ever played Tera you'd know that they NEVER listen to their playerbase. Trendy on the other hand, I know this is going to sound like "white knighting", tries to make improvements like the recent Game Ogre glitch. If you're upset with how things are just take a break bro, go play some other things and maybe come back later. Let's try to keep things positive here! 
  9. That's a good idea and all but it's a little bit harder than that for those of us who are free to play. It'd probably take a week at least to farm 2k medals. So to max out with 64 card slots would take a year or so. If you're doing resets, even longer. You're telling me you'd sell rare shards? Destruction? Deadly Strikes? Defense Rate? I didn't think so. Selling rare shards like those which have a drop rate of like 1/70 is "stupid". FWIW I wouldn't take advice from someone about managing inventory when they themselves have maxed bags yet still needs to "sell shards". Back on topic, I agree with the OP. I support the idea of a way we could convert Defender Medals into bag/vault space. More than likely the recent update of Materials Vault *may* be a test for a future Shard Vault where we could effectively manage our space by stacking our shards. Highly unlikely it'll be free though as Trendy still needs to earn for their hard work.
  10. Just let your bags fill up and everything else will go to the scavenger and you can sort through it after your runs. They stay there for 3 hours so you have plenty of time. Oh...I didn't know it was three hours. I thought it was only one hour. LOL. I suppose I can work with that
  11. For me the main issue is bag space. I was under the impression the materials vault was going to be for everyone and not those who pay for it. I jumped into an expedition round of c7 last night to see how much loot we'd get but it's just too much for me with only having one bag and one vault space. I'll take the hit and continue playing solo for now. However it is nice that more loot drops, especially for those who have max bags/vault space
  12. If I may offer some advice, obviously start with Chaos 1. Get your feet wet, gain some confidence with how Mastery works, learn the different type of stars like Diversity or Budget Cuts. It also helps to know your enemies. If you know your enemies you're set. I used to be very overwhelmed by the idea of Diversity, or building 10 or more different defenses. I didn't have maxed/upgraded totems and shards on everything so what I'd do before is build like 6-7 weak defenses all in one lane, then I'd build the other lanes with whatever I had that was really strong. My go to for Diversity was usually Dryad-Tree, Bees, Slime, Rain Cloud. Then Cannonball Tower, Poison Dart Tower and maybe a Frostbite Tower. Then for the other lanes, if I was comfortable with the enemies I'd use Spike Blockade and Monk's Flame Aura and Lighting Strikes Aura. That's 10. Depending on the stage and requirements for obtaining all 5 stars in one go I'd build 12-13 defenses on account of something getting destroyed during a fight. I found that mastering Mastery you'll do a lot of trial and error building. If you fail one time, try again but try something different, like defense placement or different defenses. Frostbite Towers and Earthshatter work good for a lot of things. Poison Dart Towers and Cannonball Towers work good for Cyborks. Poison Dart Towers also work good for when you can't build any Anti-Air Defenses, same with the Dryad's Rain Cloud. You can always message me here on the forums and let me know where you're stuck and I'll help out with a build the best I can. You can also message me on discord at Lanceon#6981.
  13. I wish there was a way we could use Defender Medals to acquire extra space, similar to how we can use Medals to buy hero cards and or a new hero itself. Make each bag or vault space cost 10k medals. I mean I understand Trendy has to eat too but if my wife finds out I swiped for extra inventory I won't eat for a week lol, seriously though, I once spent $10 on a game called Tera to get an extra bank page and I was pretty much begging the dog for some left overs.
  14. It would be so nice if we could stack shards in our vault to save some space. Especially for those of us who cannot afford to spend extra on video games and are strictly f2p players like myself. So far I've crafted about five gilded shards and working on three more atm. It's quite challenging to do with only one vault page and one bag page. I would love to purchase some more space but my wife would kill me if she sees me spending on a video game =/
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