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  1. What floor are you on? also, if you do the same floor over again, can you still get the ampoules? Based on the leaderboards, this fella's on floor 152. And I would suggest not believing every single word he cooks up. He has a track record of Trolling in this forums. Nothing useful ever comes out of this fella as of yet. So whenever he post, you can expect it to be crap. But I think and heard, If I'm not mistaken, yeah, you could get the C8 ampoules by replaying. Since it's not defender packs but just materials. look im rick flare and simple as this they are common to me really what floor ar
  2. i got two stacks of c8 amps already there so common dropping like candy... Wwwooooooo!!!!!
  3. im rick flare. it only takes me 10 sec. to build. i never needed barricades or obelisk. my earthshatter destroys everything . only tower i need. when it only comes to just a trap build i use explosive traps only. for only nodes i just use reflect beams and it done. it should only take you 30 sec to build honestly... WWwwwwooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i lost an egg, 3 random shards a weapon. purple defender pack. on floor 149. this isnt a complaint. im just addressing this happened to me!!!! Wooooooooooo! "no reroll is needed"
  5. look honky tonk man. you can never beat me in this game or a ring. i am the rick flare of this game. Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!! my earthshatter tower will crush your volcano anyday of the week. mike tyson? your nothing but a secound rate glass jaw joe
  6. nerf mass destruction to 50% instead of it being 70%. all i'm using is a red defense rate, n a red chaos boom servo. guild shards is pointless. im using only for all my towers critical damage, defensive critical strike, power transfer is still the best shard in game. using by the way. i build with mathmatical precision. i've put the time in for all towers to learn optimal angles. ive taught best players. ik top streamers stole my builds. im the rick flare of this
  7. but the grind is real CX i cant do that but thx doe
  8. ;) ill beat your floor whenever i want to.
  9. I'm streaming on twitch on floor 149. i've never seen this i got kicked from game states i lost connection during onslaught. how did i lose connection if i'm still streaming and in a party. i always get a blue screen, black screen... even frozen. i never complain but i was on third map and only took me a couple mins. so now that is down the drain. so can you get back to me and help me understand y i lost connection.
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