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  1. For some reasons after they changed over to the link on the weekly digest i cant view them. No matter what browers i use its depressing so im missing out :-(
  2. I just got all my stuff up and running my interent and ps3 etc stupid hurricane. But i missed the TE event and i hope there another one sometimes soon. there always fun.
  3. How About a challenge? Maybe Death From Above with crazy spawning wyvrens. Or Unlimited DU's on ogre crush with raining orgres!
  4. I had a 97^ Douser I farmed. when Upgraded all the way it had over 3k base damage and had over 200 in the clip. it also started with 120 in damage though.
  5. 126^ for 83 and 107^ for 78 Glaive. Um after the last patch I havent found one over 75^
  6. Yes but picture a lazer robot if you will with +100 tower attack or tower health that does 4k damage a shot through walls. now thats an ultimate defender!
  7. Now what i was going to do cause ive seen someone do this. If you Put 90^ into tower attack or tower stats etc, then you put the rest in Pet attack it doesnt almost the same amout as the original lazer robot and does have nice tower stats
  8. That challenge was hard too!!! at the time nothing could be it. I got mine from Laura herself from the event. She gave me 3 because The other 2 people I played with kept getting booted from a system glitch so i created a tavern and gave them there sodas.... they wereon my friends list so it was easy. and because i kept my word she gave me another one for my tavern! Yeahhhh
  9. Ok good. I mean i know certain companies do like PS3 or XBOX360 "exclusive" things but I couldnt see how that would work with this game. But ive heard multiple people tell me they go it on xbox. Now I know there liars lol
  10. I was told that XBOX has promode but PS3 doesnt because they have they bough the "offical rightSs" to it. I might be mistaken but tis isnt the first time ive heard this mentioned
  11. I also have a Soda ;) At one stage I had 8 clean. 8?!?! Seriously? Was that nessary? lol I mean 1 or 2 sure but 8? I mean I had 2 from the event, Technically I had 3 because the 2 people I played the event with got booted from the room and couldnt get back in so Laura gave me 3 so I could give them both one. Which I did and she gave me a extra one afterwards for keeping my word that Id deliever them lol.
  12. Sorry I would help if you werent on EU id gladly hook you up
  13. I know bro ill never forget those dark times lol yea maybe and your a cool dude all is well bro Those were dark dark days for the huntress, started drinking heavily, missing work, sitting alone in a dark room.....Jumping off of castle roof tops and riding deadly dragons..... dark days indead haha
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