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  1. Pepperoni shield, breadstick sword, salad shooter bow, buffalo wing wings. Monk could use a pizza scoop thing they take the pizza out of the oven with. Double sided of course. Defense mods which make the defense look like a pizza on the ground. Surely the lavamancer could make use of a pizza sauce mod.
  2. I wouldn't but that's just me. I consider F2P games as a challenge. "Let's just see how far I can get without spending anything." Mostly those phone games that ARE pay to win like game of war or mobile strike. Despite that, I kind of want to max out my bags. Still having trouble pulling the trigger.
  3. Your heart is in the right place, but I don't think the economics angle completely fits the example provided. Perhaps the extra shards were the extra employees that needed to be removed, but backing up a bit... I think you have to consider that a game wouldn't be a game if you just hit a button to win. These shards may have been that button at one point. TE's hand would have been forced to the degree that they'd have to remove the offending shards for balance reasons. It could be a memory issue too where they have to pare down the item offerings so the game doesn't get laggy. While I agree with the sentiment that they shouldn't take things out of the game, I respect that they might've had no choice, or they just had to make a judgement call on the fly to fix something. Had any of us been along for the ride, we'd probably see how they arrived at the decision to remove them, and would have one of those moments of realization where we're like: "Ooooh, yeah I don't see any way around that, yeah it's gotta be removed for a while." Thanks for the discussion points. +1
  4. Just going to say that this doesn't follow sound reasoning. It's been this way a long time therefore it's by design. If it's been stated that it's by design, then that would be a better approach, e.g. ("Devstream a while back said it's 23 by design"). People probably mentally round up and just bandy about the 25 number. I really don't know though. Happy Friday everyone!
  5. Oooh Ooh, do Samus' crystal flash animation. Or something close enough you don't get copyright claims. :D https://youtu.be/y5j7ddcBlQI?t=28
  6. I feel like I'll be rejuvenated when I AP reset. Already 200 something ascension, just need to tackle onslaught up to 65, but I fully intend to reset once I reach the end zone. It's taken me a couple of months to get to where I am now, but that's with learning all kinds of stuff about how the mechanics of the game work. Next iteration, I doubt it'll take me more than a month assuming I get some decent playtime.
  7. Of course, the night I made my post above, 2 DR dropped after 8 runs. :D
  8. In my intro to management class, they said that employees will fill in the blanks if management doesn't provide clear details. I say the same could be applied here.
  9. Loading issues seem to plague DD2. Having more specifics would help in giving TE actionable feedback, especially if we could find a configuration of events that triggers the loading problem 100% of the time. Just some thoughts on this... Where did you start? Where were you going? Were you in a party? (For console users) Were you running split screen? (Is split screen a thing for pc these days?) As these and likely more questions are fleshed out, we could begin building a chart for certain scenarios. Everyone grab a notebook and keep it handy. What other questions should we be asking ourselves when trying to include info for devs to research?
  10. Since my first Defense Rate, I've started farming for more. It's been 110 rolls later with no additional DR. What's everyone's high score?
  11. Thank you for this bit of info. Last night I tried listing some motes on the market, but it wouldn't function properly. The item disappeared from my inventory (actually left a blank spot even though I had auto-sort on) yet it did not go to the shop. If I exit my inventory/player shop screens, the motes are back and not listed in the shop. After moving the stack to a different area in my inventory it posted to the shop without problem. Normally I would have restarted the game to do this, but I was able to fix it and keep playing using the 'move stuff around' advice.
  12. After the tenacity fix, I began having troubles with cyborks, but something someone did in town one time gave me an idea for this which ended up working for me. Behold! My elite paint skills. https://imgur.com/hLv1wkM You can still cope with cyborks as the monk by placing flame auras like in the crude drawing above. Let me know if the pic doesn't make any sense and I'll explain further. The cyborks' angle of attack follow the blue arrows. Instead of 1 cybork shot shooting down your entire row of centered auras and disabling them all, the cybork shoots to the first aura he comes to which sends the blast off the side of the lane. I'm relatively overpowered for C5 though, so your mileage may vary.
  13. Jaws, I believe if we put all your help/how to posts together, we'd have a pretty decent foundation for a player manual.
  14. If I could have bought a specific shard with 100 dust, I would have done it by now. Not now mind you since I spent all my dust, but had it been an option I'd be more than willing to buy it for that. https://imgur.com/NHwYRVA
  15. It's just that this issue is so dear to his heart he becomes passionate about it. I support the idea. If I have all the shards I need and have no reason to do C<7 I'd love to be able to use the materials I'm generating at my higher level. I'm not there yet, but if I were, I'd appreciate the option. I'd actually apply this to all materials, but again with the selling bags argument. If they do anything to reduce the inventory requirements, that's going to reduce bag sales and affect the bottom line. Of course there's a balance to be struck. Taken to an extreme, they could just introduce 128 required materials of equal importance. So logically people would be required to and WOULD buy bags right? Well maybe not, but they probably do want something like a nudge in that direction.
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