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  1. Hi all, decided to venture into DDA. I've played on two different machines and it seems like the equipment info gets stuck on the screen multiple times. Till it gets fixed, does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of that issue (when actively playing between waves)?
  2. Just tinker it over onto the item you want to keep. The other stuff is what I want to keep. Really wish there was a way to not have to destroy things that you worked so hard for.
  3. dryad trees are 20 Oh maybe they changed it again. They used to be 30..after the update 25...haven't played since then.
  4. id need to get even ONE of those mods first tho @@; You'll get it don't worry. Just keep playing. For me they dropped fairly often even if the quality wasn't 7+. I put a 10 on an item that I really didn't need..now that's a dead mod that will be destroyed :(
  5. Also if you have a defense rate shard in place it's easy to max out defense rate with lower quality mod..in some cases a 1 would even do.
  6. Miss power transfer too...Dryad Trees are 25 DU and I really didn't notice a difference...Not much more I could do with the 10 DU left over from 2 trees.
  7. Yup, Roblox is huge for mine. They don't play Minecraft as much anymore, just prefer to watch people create shows using Minecraft on YouTube :) They are also progressing towards Fortnite but that's not for me..
  8. From my own view, it's about the restrictions...it shouldn't be gated but if you are going to gate that map, then set the re-roll options to that or Temple...satisfies everyone
  9. Yeah I would agree that you do have a good point there in there's multiple types of groups and of course we can't cater to fit them all perfectly. I guess I would just like the whole system to not have that much of restrictions (and I've already did suggested a solution) so it can be more accessible to many and also being able to play more freely with the gamemodes which is what resets is currently not doing. Hahaha, on the other hand, it's funny that possibly this discussion may no longer be much of a big deal as the Drakenfrost incursion became the pressing matter to both of us now. Oh well ;) As someone who codes, I think they can fit a number of different groups without making significant changes at all. You kinda hit the nail on the head. I think Trendy might be so focused on creating that "end game" (that level of difficulty that everyone can keep trying to play) that they may not realize that some of us have the ability to keep playing this game for a very long time without the restrictions that are being imposed. Adding a whole bunch of cool stuff is important...for both the developers and the players..stoke that creativity...just wondering about the whole product management/business aspect....Need to understand the customers, pick the direction, and let us know versus confusing us.
  10. Although I am still a bit bummed about the last update, and sitting on the sidelines to see what you do next about AP resets, I want to thank you for the hours of gameplay in 2018. Here's a card I got for Christmas :) 
  11. All good ideas. Let's see what Trendy does. Till then, I'm staying on the sidelines and getting more active in other games that I haven't played since DD2 dominated my game list. Hopefully they do something to move it back to #1.
  12. Here is an onslaught reward I would love - defender medals for floors already played...It's the only mode I really like.
  13. Exglint It's about understanding the player base as well. I'm not arguing for the map to go away. I'm arguing for it to be placed in the right spot for the right people. Not everyone is a professional seat warmer. As far making friends, that's easy. Synching your already busy schedule to someone else so that you can be on the exact same floor when time is an issue makes onslaught a solo game. For Instance, if Hard-core Onslaught players like that map so much, start doing that at flr 89 or whenever players that asked for that style of play want it to start above that.
  14. That's the real problem with onslaught there in the fact that it is a solo grind. I am on floor 112 on ps4 and that puts me around 50th on the leaderboards so there are only 50 players globally that could join my game any way as I am pretty sure anyone with lower floor progress can't join me a few times I've left it public and no one joins... a good PSN friend is on mid 80s can tried join but got rejected by matchmaking. I tried putting in my alt account in couch co-op and that threw us both out the game to the start menu. So if I needed help I'd have to hope one of those 50 better players feels like jumping in and helping a scrub - and there's no reason for them to do it and especially if the floor ends in 4 or 9 lol. Maybe with the planned updates and community things Trendy could change it so groups and friends with different onslaught progression could play together and all be awarded progress, I mean if you are on 80 and clear 110 with a friend you should move forward in progress. Biggest problem are the gating levels as to how that would effect individual progress and the insane enemy HP scaling in multiplayer which might make higher floors unbearable. Yup, I remember there were a few friends I made along the way that didn't take the reset route. They would be like hey man you want to play and I would be like sorry, in the middle of a reset so can't join you on your floor. Different friends, different times, same answer...Now I see them on the friends lists playing other games..don't even bother with DD2 anymore. Edit: Funny you mentioned the floor 4 or 9 too...Sometimes I jump down to the 30s cause that's the only place I really see multi-players in Onslaught...but even at that level if I see a floor 4 ending in 4 or 9, I saw see-ya :) If Onslaught gave defender medals I would be golden..would just rely on mutators to give a different feel and be happy :)
  15. Here lies the problem. I did play the map outside of onslaught to see what it was like. I put up a bunch of angry nimbus and hit start. 3 more people joined and I will say it was a fun map. In the beginning I used to play onslaught only solo. Now I just click start and open up public matches. I'll be lucky if someone joins in the now 24+ floors (5+ hours of game play). Then you get this map that's gated, and at my skill level requires more people to play? I went though that process with Lost Temple already figuring out how to solo it so that I wouldn't get stuck hoping for help....Not interested in doing it again right now when there are so many other time wasting activities I have to go through as part of a reset.
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