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  1. Does huntress guardian have any effect on a DST that's already fast enough to get capped by the animation?
  2. So is it worth getting my 70 charge speed to 100? That's "only" 10 upgrades out of the 108 it has. If you're running a macro.
  3. Make a DPS character for those times, the towers are already up?
  4. For nightmare, everything one shots you, so I wouldn't waste DU on heal. Everything oneshots you anyway.
  5. It's just insane. I think it might even be easier than the regular UMF, if those ogres wouldn't get stuck. The other thread was about hard/insane. Didn't realize this might be about NM.
  6. There was a thread earlier where I explained my old setup. It seems like the new patch has screwed with the AI so Ogres get stuck near some of the spawns. Furthest I got before this patch was wave 14 when playing solo. Now, it's wave 12 playing with a friend and his huntress.
  7. This new patch has completely screwed up the AI for me. I'd say 90% of the time, Ogres were getting stuck in the open area to the east of the map. I tried building there, which seemed to work good, except LITERALLY EVERY TIME Ogres started getting stuck at the far west spawn on the lower level. Sorry I didn't answer the followup questions to my setup, but I just see no reason to at this point. Once the AI gets fixed, or I find a way around it, I'll be more than happy to help if I can.
  8. Strength, Electricity, Heal, Inferno in the center for fighting. 2 Electricity, 2 Proxy, 2 Inferno at back. 2 Electricity, 1 Strength, 2 Proxy, 2 Inferno at front lane. 1 Electricity, Proxy Inferno on the spawn to the right of the front lane. 2 Electricity, 2 Inferno, 1 Proxy to the left of the front lane. Assuming the busy lane is the front lane. Outside of ninjas and ogres, very few things get through. Wyverns tend to hover outside for no reason. I lost with 5 left at 14th round. I'm pretty confident this setup is the way to go though.
  9. The new UMF map on insane drops Mythical.
  10. 2Billion is still the cap I meant the per-item sale cap for the afk shop. Used to be 99,999,999.
  11. Can stores sell for more than 200,000,000 now then?
  12. Sitting at work. If Steam has been behaving today, I have my AFK Shop still running at home. I've been cutting my prices down pretty steeply though in anticipation of this DLC so as of this morning, I was down to 3 pages.
  13. What exactly am I looking for when picking up one of these guns for UMF? I picked one up with base in the 200s and 70ups. After upgrading, it ended up with 88k DPS and a 125K Piercing shot. That's quite a bit less then the 500k DPS of an Apprentice. Is it sufficient damage to solo UMF with?
  14. You could make that projectile speed negative with ~50 upgrade. Would be epic win. Do it!
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