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  1. someone can tell me what the maximum prestige we can achieve. 999 too? Please
  2. I'll just stop using bees the day the towers are not destroyed. for what reason will I use a defense that is easily broken? in addition, towers only attack at a maximum of 90º the bees attack 360º. the only tower that really is worth riding is Sky Guard Tower the rest is wasted time.
  3. and Whi can this user?
  4. I definitely stopped playing. Every time I'm on the map 3/3 the game closes automatically, the last time I did that I broke my joystick on the floor and still had to take a headache remedy. unfortunately I have to say this, as long as they do not fix this problem I will not play again. This is just an outburst.
  5. There is no way in the world would I wish for that to happen......reseting your stars in Mastery would be an absolute nightmare for me! To think of it now, and since Ram said it, I think it would be for the best for to continue sticking to being an achievement mode. I mean sure, you could have some pets added in the mode for replayability but I will never support the notion of losing my stars at Mastery. They are hard-earned to me. is your opinion, for sure I would lose my mastery stars to get another mass destruction and another striker vicius. you would have the option to restart or not.
  6. ufolouco


    ideas:1) Reset the mastery mode once completed; 2) Sell shards to other users; 3) Increase the number of restarts in number and icons. 4) translate the game into other languages.
  7. it would be great if after completing the mastery mode, have the possibility to restart and win the prizes again.
  8. it would be great if we could go back to the 3/3 map when the game closes automatically. It bothers me so much. have to do the 3 maps all over again.
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