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  1. Nerf WM? Are you kidding me? already enough the Dryad nerf, that turned it into a useless personage. another thing, WM does not take any damage from the floor 200, enemies dance over the manufacture and do not die. Currently there are few defenses that are worth just being used. I stopped playing the game a long time ago. cultivating 250 cluster to have a defense at most caused me to stop playing.
  2. My God, I laughed out loud when I read "Are you kidding me?" lol
  3. currently there are only 3 defenses that are really worth building, the rest are wasted time.
  4. I totally disagree, I hate to have to use the fissure of the lava mancer, before I thought this defense very horrible, now, it's more horrible still. in a short period of time we only have nerfs, starting with the dryad, which turned her into a rubbish character, who can not use this anymore is the truth. Another thing also, is to see someone say that "defense X" works on the floor 60 or 70. Lol, very funny these low floors do not serve as a reference, for a defense really work you have to do the test on the floor 200 or 300 , if you can successfully complete it, then we can consider that the defense is really working and balanced with the other defenses. What the hell am I going to do with a defense that does not even work on Low Floors? It just shows that this defense does not work. What you should really have is balance of all defenses. In order for you to really have a question as to which defense to use and not to hold the manufacture, having to use the manufacture on all maps. Very annoying this, but unfortunately it is so.
  5. This boss is extremely unbalanced, nothing to see. Lol
  6. after resetting 78 times know what I learned? which is only worth resetting because of the icon and also the 5%. the powers makes no difference in their defense.
  7. does anyone know if they have any relic mod? because mod of armor makes no difference.
  8. Honestly I read this 3 times and it still made no sense. Odds or chances of what? C8 amps? No actually those chances do get better as you go up Shards? No because then you are asking Trendy to raise the chance to get certain ones over the rest and when you have what you need then players will complain about not getting the other shards Mods? No because as you go down the mod pool lessens making it easier to get the mod you want High Mod quality? No because I and several other high level players have all said multiple times that you don't need max mods to win nor upgrade to c8 So to what are you speaking about for odds or chances between c1 and floor 999. I agree that pushing has no point after you are done resetting and there is a limit to how much benefit pushing gives before resets but for a completely different reason. cultivate non C1 mods as the chances are better than cultivating non C7?
  9. the problem is that the game does not offer any better odds or drop chances to level the floors, no matter if you do chaos 1 or 999 floor, the odds are the same, nothing special, there is no reason to climb the floors, have 250 minimum of ascension and 999 talents. end of the game.
  10. I just hope that in the next update they do not force players to reset their medals, cultivating 250 clusters to upgrade the C8 medallion is very complicated. is the equivalent of 200 catacombs C7 maps. In addition, the sound of this map does not come out at all, even lowering the total volume. I have to listen to music on my cell phone because I can not let the sound of the game make the sound of spotify
  11. Does not work against ice orcs. if you let tenacity 100%, your defense will be frozen. LOL.almost useless.
  12. I would suggest an option or button in the game options menu where the user could definitely cut out all the sound of the game. even lowering the total volume, the sound continues to come out. my God. I can not listen to music while I play. the effects sound continues to come out. PS4
  13. saving the construction would be great. for example: build the defenses and have an option to save the assembly. on all maps I would have a construction saved. very cool. It would be fun.
  14. got? You play with how many characters in the deck and what are they.
  15. I've already done 12 maps so far only 4/10
  16. Now that the trendy boy has complained, I'm sure it will be reviewed. Taking advantage of your influence, why do not you suggest that the Mastery mode has a reset?
  17. for what reasons did the 10/10 mods stop dropping? makes more of month that does not fall any more mod 10/10. anyone with this same problem? or do you have any specific techniques?
  18. the new Onslaught has become extremely difficult. On the 80th floor the enemies are level 13,900. lol. before they were level 5,600. contrary to what they said that restarting would be easier. in fact it became more difficult.
  19. Does anyone else have the feeling that the onslaught mode got extremely difficult?
  20. Can someone please tell me what is the maximum of ancient power?
  21. you are assembling and configuring the bees the wrong way.
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