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  1. Yeah spoiler alert, but near that portal that takes you to the forest biome where you can try out different characters... If instead of climbing the stairs and going into the portal, walk off the side/end of it and you'll find a staircase leading to an underground gateway to go to onslaught. I wasn't saying remove onslaught from the game, just repurpose that room for the arena... maybe make some environmental dangers as well to keep it fresh.
  2. Agreed. Remove that onslaught thing underground, and we could have our own little fight club. 2 defenders enter, 1 defender leaves.
  3. Yep, Gainsesville I believe. Anyone ever been to Ginnie Springs? Fresh-water spring/tourist destination. Crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling/scuba diving.
  4. Nail on the head. Last night was crazy bad for some reason (I started knocking some of it out at 6 PM EDT, and then it happened a ton a few hours later), but it's all knocked out now. Any chance you could look at account SpottierPower4 ? I think I jumped in front of a bullet and got banned accidentally.
  5. Ok? Were you going somewhere with this? What do we, or what does Trendy do with this information?
  6. This reminds me of a phone game "Shop Heroes" where the market slots on that do have a timeout. How it works there is if you remove a product from your listing, the slot cannot be reused for an amount of time. I think something like 48 hours. You can upgrade shop slots too. Upgraded slots are not held to this limitation. There's other factors such as item stack limitations, but when listing a stack of something, if even one of those sells, the remaining stack can be pulled tax-free.
  7. I wanted to chime in cause I like the question. It's a question I've often pondered. As said before me, it's the same as any game. It's about fun. If the fun isn't coming fast enough, it probably means that it's time to find a different game. I would urge you and others to consider alternatives to achieving the 'fun' though. Personally, I enjoy helping players, even at my sub-optimal gear setup. Every time you run a new player on a difficult map, it's like Christmas Day to them with all the drops. We can agree it's better to give than receive right? I've been really digging the player s
  8. I had this problem last night as well. Joined a friend's party and started a C7 Beat the C7 and both of us hit "Continue" He proceeded to the next map while I was stuck at a loading screen. He says that I appeared to still be in the party, but I was still at the loading screen. I restarted the game, found his session and joined. Beat the C7 and both of us hit "Continue" again. He proceeded to the next map while I was stuck at a loading screen. I restarted the game and started a party with him putting me as the party leader. Beat the C7 and both of us hit "Next dungeon map." This time we both
  9. Something seems weird with my other forum account. Hoping this might be a small fix. Logged in this morning, posted once. Tried posting again when I was prompted to enter my login/pass again which produced an error saying invalid credentials. Tried resetting password which resulted in a message saying my email address wasn't recognized. Tried creating account using that email when it says that email is already in use. Any help please?
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